Alem Yuma Wins 27th Golden Lion, Benjamín Bautista and Bautista Urrutia Share Little Golden Lion

The 27th Golden Lion that was awarded this Tuesday, was left for Alem Yumawhile Benjamín Bautista and Bautista Urrutiathey shared the Little Golden Lion.

Yuma won the award based on his dual competence, he already competes in both Judo and Handball, representing both the club and our country, in both sports and winning in the Lion and Silver Lion categories. Alem had also won the Golden Lion in 2019 for his outstanding performance in Judo.

On Benjamín Bautista’s side, the athlete had an outstanding 2023 in Handball, while Bautista Urrutia excelled in Sports Swimming.

The celebration took place at the UNO Sports Center, together with athletes, their families, coordinators and those who carry out the different disciplines in the club.

“I congratulate the boys and girls for their effort, the juniors and their teammates who make our club an institution focused on amateur sports,” indicated President Martín Gorostegui and added: “It is a pride to hold this party year after year, in which we revalue the unavoidable commitment we have to the history of our amateur sport.”

Along with the President were the directors Pascual Caiella, Mariano Vazquez Mangano, Juan Martin Aiello, Martin Garcia Olivares, Bruno Salomone, Alejandra Zangara, Pedro Watzman, Lautaro Porterie, Alberto Fenoglio, Martin Merolini, Paula Aberastegui, Ekel Oviedo, Christian Spagnolo and Luis Alvarez Gelves, who delivered the distinctions.

Estudiantes has presented the León Awards since 1996, while the Leoncito Awards began in 2008. Both distinctions recognize amateur athletes who have achieved their goals through the values ​​of work, sacrifice, humility and solidarity, which are characteristic of the institution and They fill the entire Pincha family with pride.

The winners of this new edition were:

GOLDEN LION: Alem Yuma (Judo)
GOLDEN LION: Benjamín Bautista (Handball) and Bautista Urrutia (Team Swimming)


Basketball: Martin Fabris
Boxing: Paula Giménez
Aerobic Dance: Cecilia Calvo
Amateur Soccer: Axel Atum
Women’s Football: Wanda Fernandez
Futsal: Ignacio Varni
Artistic gymnastics: Paulina Bixio
Golf: Sebastian Cortes
Women’s Handball: Josefina Ferraro
Men’s Handball: Alem Yuma
Women’s Hockey: Agustina Castro
Men’s Hockey: Santiago Yorio
Judo: Alem Yuma
Power lifting: Lucas Morán
Master Swimming: Pedro Lanzi
Team swimming: Maximo Aguilar
Artistic skate: Juana Oviedo
Digital Paddock: Denisse Mac Williams
Sports Rescue: Franco Albarado
Taekwondo: Melanie Guerrero
Tennis: Juan Ignacio Raimundo
Women’s Volleyball: Valentina Paredes
Men’s Volleyball: Valentin Langhi


Basketball: Emilio Calzadilla González
Aerobic Dance: Paula Pintos
Women’s Football: Luguen Gimenez
Children’s soccer: Bautista Terrera
Futsal: Leon Pena
Artistic gymnastics: Emilia Maffia
Golf: Francisco Assato
Women’s Handball: Emilia Comasco
Men’s Handball: Benjamin Bautista
Women’s Hockey: Clara Schilardi Ferrara
Men’s Hockey: Juan Bautista Mac Cargo
Judo: Milo Daniele
Team swimming: Bautista Urrutia
Artistic skate: Olivia Morales
Digital Minced: Camilo Matiz
Taekwondo: Bastian Salas Teeth
Tennis: Sofia White
Women’s Volleyball: Cecilia Candia
Men’s Volleyball: Ignacio García Monaco

In turn, special mentions were given:

Lucía Dalle Crode, for her participation in the Pan American Games and the Handball World Cup. Women’s Volleyball Team, for the campaign that took them to the final in the Honor Division. Men’s Volleyball Team, for promotion to the Honor Division. Competitive Swimming Team. Women’s Hockey Strip C Team, Silver Cup Champions and Promotion to Metro Domingo (Strip A). Pedro Lanzi, Argentine Champion in 50 meters. Free and National Runner-up in 100 meters, with his young 80 years of age.
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