A Farewell to a Legend: Remembering Alfredo Lauri, Pitcher for Nettuno BC and Italian Baseball Hall of Famer

“On the last day of the year, a true legend of Nettuno and Italian baseball leaves us. He passed away Alfredo Lauri, pitcher for Nettuno BC for years

Since 2012 Italian baseball Hall of Fame.

Society as a whole expresses its most sincere condolences and embraces the family in a strong embrace in this moment of pain.”
With these words the Nettuno Baseball and Softball city made the announcement of his passing which struck the heart of the entire world of Nettuno and national baseball. Lauri was universally known as a baseball giant and as an exceptional man and sportsman. Infinite messages of condolence to the family in just a few hours. The editorial staff of Il Clandestino and the Director join the family in this moment of pain.

2023-12-31 18:51:25
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