3D Indoor Archery Meeting: A Weekend of Skill and Competition

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Publication : samedi 25 novembre 2023 13:46

The weekend of November 11 took place the friendly 3D Indoor meeting at the Compagnie des Archers Mâconnais.

This meeting allows archers practicing outdoor disciplines (countryside, nature and 3D) to have the opportunity to train in a period when outdoor competitions are almost absent.

This encounter consists of shooting at 24 foam animal targets, over distances of 5 m to 35 m! It goes without saying that great mastery of space organization is required to allow 12 archers to shoot at the same time at targets located in a limited space while taking into account the flight parabolas of the arrows, the shooting distances and angles, etc.

We owe this organization to Mickaël Nevers who has been responsible for this competition since its inception and to Myriam Villeloup, the faithful organizer and decorator of the whole. Around fifteen volunteers worked from Thursday evening to Saturday noon to enable this installation and help with the organization during this weekend.

On Saturday evening between the end of the 1st start and the start of the 2nd start, the archers were able to enjoy the homemade tartiflette cooked by Éric Bulland.

Over the entire meeting, 150 archers took part in the different starts, representing 34 clubs or companies. Thank you to them, their presence being the reward for this work, thank you to the City of Mâcon and its technical services and green spaces for their contributions in setting up the barnums for this meeting and providing plants and flowers for the decor.

See you next year for the 10th edition.

2023-11-25 12:46:01
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