2024 Baseball Serie A: New Format, Big Changes, and Exciting Potential

The 2024 baseball Serie A is in the middle of a blender. The big teams are gearing up on the market and those who want to surprise are trying to land the right shots, but it is the new formula of the championship that between this November and next December is holding the stage. The Club and the Federation are talking daily to make the necessary corrections but the first drafts, not far from the final objective, are very clear. Some “seeded players” will play cross-seeded from the start, with each other, and all the others will be divided into groups. In fact, as things currently stand, the first group would be made up of six teams: San Marino, Bologna, Parma, Macerata and the two from Grosseto, the BBC and the BSC. Five home days and five return days, with three seven-inning games per week. The top four will be admitted directly to the quarter-finals (and will have a three-week break in July, mind you), the other two will enter the preliminary playoff round. The rest of Serie A, including New Rimini, will start with four groups of six teams. Five round trips, with two nine-inning games per week. The former will have access to the preliminary playoff round and the latter will continue with the relegation round.

And the playoffs? All seven innings. Best-of-five series in the quarterfinals and best-of-seven series in the semi-finals and final. In Poule relegation, however, two groups of 11 with relegation for the last of each group and matches that will end in October. Overall, a formula that tries to keep the various demands together, including those of a Fibs that wants to propose a system that can allow, at least in theory, everyone to be able to compete for the scudetto. It seems that the difference between 7 and 9 innings is one of the least debated among companies, which seek as much as possible the balance point between cost containment and fairness of the formula. Everything will probably be adjusted in some aspects, perhaps even in the number of seeds which could ultimately be eight. The rest of the system will presumably remain as planned. A sort of Serie A1 and Serie A2 that will go hand in hand. Even if it will only be called Serie A.

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