Zamora’s Young Badminton Players Gain Valuable Experience in Spanish Championship

In sub-11, Félix Pinto, current runner-up of Castilla y León, represented the club with the sole objective of gaining experience in competitions at this level, since it is still his first year in the category and it was also his first Spanish Championship.

There was great competition from the Zamorano who began by winning his first singles match in the group stage in an agonizing 15-13 in the third set. In the second and decisive match he was defeated by a rival of a higher level and age, being left out of the final phase.

In the men’s doubles category, together with Eneko Rodríguez (CB Vegadeo), he lost his matches, one of them in an even score of 3 sets, playing a good role. Finally, in mixed doubles, together with Zoe Catalina (CB Laguna), she won one of her group stage matches, losing in the rest despite being close to victory in some of the sets.

Already in the sub19 category, Elena Turiel and Aitana Ares achieved their place for this championship thanks to their good work throughout the season and their high positions in the national ranking. The Zamoranas met with a high-level event in which they faced the best rackets from across the country, players who even compete at the world and European level. None of them found victory, but they played good matches, both in singles and in women’s doubles and mixed doubles.

2023-11-29 10:15:23
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