Youth Takes Center Stage at Real Madrid: Bellingham’s Brilliance, Rodrygo’s Rise, and More

Every step that Bellingham takes in Madrid improves the previous one. And the last thing the Englishman needed was to put on Zidane’s boots, those legendary black Adidas Predators with the red tongue with which he scored the most beautiful goal in the history of the Champions League. Jude put it on against Naples to be a little more Zizou and set a historic record for Madrid: the first player to score in his first four nights of the European Cup. Not even Christian.

What happened in Bellingham is not remembered at the Bernabéu. A 20-year-old midfielder who has better scoring figures than the most legendary forwards in the club’s history. We haven’t even gotten to December and he has already scored 15 goals. And they also sing ‘Hey Jude’ to him. And his name, the last one in the lineups. A total idol of the stands, in the classic stands around the Bernabéu he has up to five different models of scarves.

Real Madrid 4-2 Naples: summary and goals | Champions League (J5)

The Bernabéu had so much desire for youth!

The youth team’s goals are shouted more than any other. And Nico Paz’s, which was 3-2, was a volcano at the Bernabéu. The boy who grew up watching the Bernabéu from San Agustín school fulfilled his life’s dream thanks to a left-footed shot from the edge of the area that surprised Meret, and it is true that he could have done more. But fate wanted that on the night of Bellingham, it was a youth player who allowed Madrid to continue with the plenary session. “If you have to put them in,” stated the Bernabéu in the only reproach that could be made to Ancelotti.

Rodrygo, to his own

The Brazilian has taken off and there is no one to stop him. He has scored seven goals in the last month and in the last two games he has patented a play that will create debate. His slalom from the left finished with a cross shot into the top corner shows that Rodrygo is much more starting from the left wing than starting from any other area of ​​the field.

Rodrygo’s goal (1-1) in Real Madrid 4-2 Naples

Simeone goal!

For Gio, Diego Pablo Simeone’s eldest son, it must have been a dream to score at the Bernabéu. He already said it in the preview on MARCA, that his last name never leaves the Real Madrid stadium indifferent. And it was not enough for the boy to be a starter, but he put the score at 0-1. He celebrated it in style and with all the respect in the world. At half-time he was substituted.

Goal by Giovani Simeone (0-1) in Real Madrid 4-2 Naples

They also sing to Rüdiger

We said that the idol is Bellingham, that he has a song and even choreography, but another player who has put the Bernabéu in his pocket is Rüdiger. They also sing to the German from the stands. His dedication and leadership have not gone unnoticed by a fan base that is very demanding, but that rewards footballers who give their all. And Rüdiger, in addition to being a magnificent defender, is one of those who leaves everything on the field and connects with people.

Ceballos and Mendy did not have their day

The Champions League nights exalt and also portray. And this match in Naples revealed Ceballos and Mendy, who are far from their best level. Both have had long-term injuries and are paying for it. Napoli saw Madrid’s weak point in the French side and focused almost all of their attacking play on their zone.

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