“We continue working on what we can control”


The women’s soccer coach, Montse Tomé, stressed this Monday that both Mapi León and Patri Guijarro already showed their “stance” when it came to their availability to be called up and that both she and her staff continue “working” on what they can “control”, while he prefers to stay “on the sidelines” regarding the disqualification of Luis Rubiales.

“The last time we talked about this I already commented that they had opted for a position and for now this is the news we have. We continue working on what we can control, which is seeing our players and monitoring them for the next window FIFA that we have is key,” Tomé concluded after attending the III Women’s Gala of European Football organized by the newspaper ‘Mundo Deportivo’.

The Asturian was precisely last weekend at the Johan Cruyff watching the duel between FC Barcelona and Sevilla, but she only noted that it was as part of her work. “We value and follow all the players who can and have a level to be in the national team,” she limited herself to commenting.

He also did not want to comment on the three-year disqualification by FIFA of Luis Rubiales for his kiss with Jenni Hermoso after the World Cup final. “Me, what has nothing to do with football, is something that I like to stay out of. Everything that has happened did not have to happen, we have been evolving and trying to bring everything to sports. There are all the questions that If you want, I can answer them, I feel more comfortable that way and everything else I don’t know who has to give an opinion on that,” she replied.

Regarding the Madrid forward, Montse Tomé recalled that she was already in the previous concentration where she was “good.” “We really wanted to have her with us and we valued it positively,” stressed the coach.

“I have known Aitana for five years, she has won the Ballon d’Or and her numbers support her, she is an important player and the relationship with her is good. We saw the gala where other teammates were also present and we waited for her to congratulate her” , pointed out the latest recognition for the FC Barcelona and national team footballer.

In this sense, the coach celebrated that Spanish women’s football is “in a good moment.” “We have managed, at the national team level, to be world champions, Barça has been European champion, women’s football is evolving a lot in recent years and we also benefit from the work of clubs, of federations, which make We have the best players in the best conditions, and it is something that we have to celebrate in one way or another,” he commented.

Now, a more loaded calendar begins with the start of the Champions League and the November 19 duel between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, although he sees it as “a blessed job.” “Hopefully this is what we are talking about, that we have three more games before the list. We follow all the games because we also have players in foreign leagues. The truth is that we do not lack work, we are lucky to have so much talent,” he expressed .

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