We access the summary of the alleged attempted murder of the complainant of Cándido Conde-Pumpido

Aline is the woman who denounced Cándido Conde-Pumpido and two friends for an alleged crime of sexual assault. weeks later withdrew the complaint, but ‘Code 10’ has learned exclusively that he has a history and that He is wanted and captured for an alleged attempted murder. The program has had access to the case summary and photographs of the weapons that he would have used.

As the program has learned, Aline’s first background would be for a criminal case for drug trafficking. After this, Aline would have taken refuge 400 kilometers away, in a hotel in Ribeirao Prieto. There she would have had a date with a boy Diego, whom she would have met through a dating application.

According to the journalist Esther Yáñez, Diego and Aline would have had a night in which they would have kept sexual relations and they would have taken alcohol and drugs. Mutual agreement, they would have decided to call someone else to maintain relationships but she “he became angry” and would have attacked Diego.

It all happened on March 4, 2022. According to the summary, a witness said he was going to break down the door because of the voices he heard and a man said: “Come in, because he’s going to kill me.” We also read that Aline He allegedly stabbed Diego three times, two at the height of the rib and one on the clavicle.

When he entered, the witness reportedly found the man holding the woman’s arms and separated them with help. Diego was taken to the hospital “at risk of death” and he was admitted for ten days.

Aline disappeared and would have taken refuge in Sao Paulo, a city with 12 million inhabitants, ideal for going unnoticed. There she would have resided in a luxury hotel, but the justice system took action in November, her arrest was ordered because she was not collaborating with the investigation and she will be wanted until 2042.

Now, Aline is in unknown location.


2023-11-28 22:35:45
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