Warriors Star Draymond Green Suspended for Five Games After Headlock Against Timberwolves

Warriors star Draymond Green was suspended for five games after a miss against the Timberwolves. A punishment that for ranNBA-Expert Alex King could have been even higher.

by Alex King and Daniel Kugler

Draymond Green caused a scandal against the Minnesota Timberwolves when he put opponent Rudy Gobert in a headlock in a turbulent scene.

The Warriors star was one of three players sent off as a result of a scuffle during the in-season tournament. NBA Vice President Joe Dumars called Green’s attack “unsportsmanlike and dangerous” in a statement.

A little later, the league announced that the 33-year-old would be suspended for five games for the outburst.

Quite rightly so, I think ranNBA-Expert Alex King. “The punishment is definitely justified. As a league, we simply have to set an example, otherwise every player will allow this.”

The seriousness of the misconduct does not allow for a milder punishment: “In many things you should turn a blind eye. But putting an opponent in a headlock, a five-game ban is absolutely justified,” emphasized the record player in the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL). .

the essentials in brief

Suspension after choking scandal: Draymond Green got off well for Alex King

Green is not a blank slate and has already gone over the top several times in recent years. The league sanctioned him with various fines and suspended him for the fifth time with the latest offense.

Because of his history, the scandal player can count himself lucky that he doesn’t have to watch even longer.

“The suspension could actually have been longer. That would definitely have been possible. He actually got out of it okay,” King continued: “He kept Gobert in a headlock for a really long time and even pulled him over a meter or two. That was pretty intense.”

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2016: Draymond Green beats LeBron James
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Timberwolves star Gobert described Green’s outbursts following the heated encounter as “clown behavior.” He also accused his opponent of deliberately misbehaving when Golden States’ star player Steph Curry missed games. In these cases, the experienced would deliberately provoke ejections.

The Frenchman also made it clear that he had already expected Green to go over the top in the run-up to the game when Curry’s absence due to knee problems was made official.

This assessment also shares ranNBA-Expert King: “Green wanted to put an exclamation point out there and show the league: Look, we Warriors can win without Steph. To do this, they have to provoke the opponent’s best players in order to deliberately let the game get out of hand and thus increase your own chances of success.”

Loss of image threatens: Alex King takes Warriors to task

What Green did this time, however, went well beyond the goal for King and also left the team in a bad light. “This is total madness. Green is known as a trash talker, but as a coach you have to start thinking about it. Such scandals have a direct impact on the image and appearance of the team to the outside world,” emphasized the long-time BBL star.

Green’s questionable approach represents a dangerous tendency: “The Warriors have always been loved for the way they play, but not for dirty plays like this. You can play physically hard, no question, but not like that. That has nothing to do with basketball anymore what the franchise actually stands for. Coach Steve Kerr also needs to think about that,” said King, criticizing the Warriors.

The ex-professional recognizes a certain amount of calculation in Green’s action – especially with a view to the game plan and the current phase of the season. “He is smart enough to make an exclamation mark with this action now. Now, especially at this stage of the season and not towards the playoffs, where his team would then miss him as an important piece of the puzzle. However, this of course in no way justifies his actions “Wise,” King concluded.

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