Virtus the most effective in Europe. Olimpia headed out of the storm

Andrea Trinchieri, today the voice of DAZN in the EuroLeague and LBA, gave a long interview to Walter Fuochi of Repubblica-Bologna. Here are some steps.


«From a basketball perspective, two teams in the Euroleague are a positive factor and confirm that this is a basketball place, much more than others where I have been, and it is a tradition that will keep things going. The other factor is a very high level coaching school. The Serbian one has a better reputation, they traveled earlier and more, but now it is also being done here.”


«The most effective team in Europe, plus capable of rising to the top before the others. He has a very clear framework, an engine which is the defence, difficult to attack, a system that grinds, guards like no other for that task: the Hackett-Pajola-Cordinier trio has no equals. I admire Daniel, he immediately took the team by the horns, and in taming the bull he even added a slice of Teodosic. Same masterpieces, just less frequent, more dirty work. A difficult and agnostic Virtus, with the only doubt of how long the veterans will hold up. I’m taking a gamble: she started off strong, she will have a physiological decline, she will do well in the final schuss.”


«A team that seeks balance and when it seems to find it something always happens. However, I would leave Pistoia alone, Belgrade had drained the tanks, and these are things that can be seen with the cup. They will have to decide how much to invest in Maodo Lo, whether as lead actor or supporting knight, and decide whether to stay like this or make other changes. He decides the brain. Milan wasn’t there emotionally with Pistoia, but I see it heading out of the storm. Ditto the Virtus in Brindisi, always behind, not even recovered.”

2023-11-30 10:09:06
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