Victor Wembanyama: The Frenchman’s Impact on the San Antonio Spurs

By Joël Pütz | Sports journalist

Called to be the leader of San Antonio in the years to come, Victor Wembanyama must show it through his performances but also through his communication with his locker room. To do this, he does not hesitate to clarify things in a very honest manner with the Éperons players… and this can sometimes result in sublime punchlines.

For the moment, we cannot say that everything is good between Victor Wembanyama and his new teammates. it’s not so much a question of extra-sporting relationships as of connection on the field, because the Texans sometimes (often) have difficulty finding it in good conditions. The surprising decision to shift Jeremy Sochan to the lead explains this in part, but it is also linked to the Frenchman himself.

After all, the Spurs have recovered in him a true extra-terrestrial of the courts. Much taller and longer than most NBA athletes, in addition to being very slender, Wemby can shoot as well as score under the rim and you have to get used to that first. The Habs also encourage its people to change their habits to serve it, as Zach Collins recently explained to journalists:

Wembanyama honest about his arm length

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Zach Collins on lobs for Wemby : I told him I was working on that. It’s funny, after a game, I told him, “Seriously man, I’m not used to throwing the ball that high.” usually when I do that, it’s a bad move. » He replied: ‘No one has ever sent the ball too high for me.’ »

It’s hard to question the former Mets’ assertion. Let us remember that beyond measuring 2m24, Wembanyama displays the greatest wingspan in the history of the league with 2m44. Measurements beyond measure, even for the freaks found in the NBA… and we can therefore seriously wonder why San Antonio doesn’t do more to serve him in this way, like the fans:

Wemby gave him a hint: “Throw the damn ball high!” » 🤦‍♀️

Victor Wembanyama is big, so big that his Spurs teammates still have trouble getting used to it after almost 20 games in the NBA. Hopefully, though, they can shake off their old habits and adjust to him a little. After all, it’s supposed to become the new cornerstone in Texas…

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