VAR is irreversibly reducing the authority of referees, the Tottenham manager said after a crazy game

It was a historic game from which football England spent the whole of Tuesday recovering. Tottenham’s battle with Chelsea was framed by five goals -⁠ and another five were disallowed after consultation with the video referee. In addition, there were two red cards, both picked up by Tottenham players.

“It’s almost impossible to analyze the game because it went out of control,” Postecoglou said of the video referee’s nine interventions.

According to most experts, VAR intervened correctly, but the fans suffered because of the delays. The ball was in the game for well under 50 percent of the playing time, which the Premier League has not seen in the last two seasons.

“It’s hard for judges to make decisions these days. Their authority keeps decreasing and soon they won’t have any powers,” said Postecoglou in a fairly even voice. He was not so calm during the match, after protests on the sideline he received a yellow card.

“The video leads to a constant erosion of the referee’s respect. Football is moving to a stage where there will be a forensic study of every referee’s decision. And in the end, the game will be controlled by someone at a TV screen a few kilometers away,” explained Postecoglou. “However, I am not in a position to influence it. In 26 years of coaching, I have accepted the referee’s verdict every time, good and bad. It would be utopia to think that there will never be bad decisions.”

In addition to the first league defeat of the season, Tottenham had to absorb one more unpleasant news: Brazilian striker Richarlison will undergo pelvic surgery. “I suffered for eight months, fighting for the team and not taking care of myself. I think it’s time to take a break and rest,” he said in a televised interview with ESPN.

2023-11-08 10:31:33
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