Unstoppable Judo: Highlights from the 25th Wartburg Cup

Over 500 participants took part in the 25th Wartburg Cup. Although the fight took place on 6 mats, the tournament dragged on.

In the U13, JC Jena started with a “full band” and won 5 trophies. The 34 kg class was very strong. The only way to get into the final was through the strong athletes from the Sportlöwen Leipzig and they succeeded. Thore Schneider showed great judo with throws and foot techniques, winning all 3 of his preliminary fights.

The final was a pure Jena duel. Thore won with a remarkable De-Ashi-Barai against Ilja Kacher and deservedly won gold. Ilja also won his 3 preliminary fights and only failed in the final against Thore and won the silver medal. Julius Reuken/55 kg had his opponents well under control and was superior in grip fights. He shows his strengths in ground fighting and won all five of his fights early with holds.

Janne Markwart/+55 kg grew beyond herself that day. He went into his fights highly motivated. Won twice with Harai Goshi, in the semifinals his opponent was disqualified for “diving”. In the final Janne surpassed himself, he was behind with Waza-Ari. There were still 10 seconds left on the clock, Janne shifted up three gears and caught his opponent on the edge of the mat as he transitioned to the floor and turned his opponent into a hold and won sensationally. All Jena athletes, coaches and parents were over the moon. What an energy performance.

Emma Schuster/44 kg had no real competition, she won all four of her fights confidently and early with Ippon and took home the trophy. Lina Sporbert/+63 also had no real opposition in the preliminary fights. She won twice early with Ippon, and twice her opponents did not compete due to injuries. In the final, Faulstich from FSV Gotha held their own and the fight was evenly balanced for a long time. With a nice counter throw, Lina “slammed” her opponent on both shoulders and won gold.

Corvin Krause had a good tournament, fought variably and won his 4 preliminary fights early with Ippon. In the final, his opponent from Fulda was smarter and more “exhausted” and Corvin ran into an O-Goshi. Second place was the optimal result.

The biggest surprise was Nika Beridze/+55 kg. He was excited because it was his first competition. Nika started with 2 wins. Then he had to acknowledge his opponents’ greater competitive experience and lost twice. In the end he was as proud as Bolle and had won his first medal.

Luiza Alex/31 kg and Elise Reuken/44 kg took third place and Said Saidov/34 kg came fifth. In the U15, Erik Schneider/55 kg took second place, after 3 wins he lost to his training partner from the sports high school Hansat Dadaev/SV Schmalkalden on the ground due to Sankaku holds.

In this weight class, Jonathan Stanja, the youngest of his year, achieved an impressive 3rd place. Michael Beloussov/ started with an opening defeat against the strong Leye from Erfurt, then he got back on the road to success and won the bronze medal after 3 wins. After the competition, Vladimir, Ilya and Said took advantage of the opportunity to visit the automobile museum.

Conclusion: Great overall result. Coach Lothar Gwosdz was most happy about Janne’s tournament victory. He wasn’t always in the spotlight, but hard work and persistence pay off. Despite all the euphoria, the coaching team Lothar & Jost always see the “fly in the ointment” and thus new starting points for the upcoming training. Our motto is: Training time is performance time.

Lothar Gwosdz/Trainer (11/18/2023)

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