UBU San Pablo Burgos Secures Hard-Fought Victory Against UB Ibiza HC Eivissa

UBU San Pablo Burgos achieved an important victory in Es Pratet (24-26) against a fighting UB Ibiza HC Eivissa, who knew how to overcome a first half against and fight for victory until the end.

Start with a partial 2-0 for Burgos thanks to the interventions of Ibrahim Moral in goal. But soon Ibiza got down to work and got hooked on the high pace of play of the match, tying the match.

Errors in attack by both teams at times prevented either of them from scoring for several minutes, but Burgos soon took advantage, going two up on the scoreboard. Thus, Ibiza called a timeout for their team in the 14th minute, although Burgos continued to extend their lead to four goals.

After a double exclusion in the local ranks in the 21st minute, Burgos not only did not know how to take advantage of that double superiority, but Ibiza got closer on the scoreboard goal by goal until in the 28th minute they tied the game and managed to reach the break. , with a tie at 11.

During the second half, equality would prevail in the lighting for practically the remaining 30 minutes. A great performance by the local goalkeeper, Domenech, kept his team with a chance of winning the game until, two minutes from the end of the game, with three goals from Asier Pedroarena, the Burgos team managed to take advantage of two goals that gave them the two points and the victory against Trasmapi UD Ibiza HC Eivissa.

Roi Sánchez stated after the match: “A very tough match until the end, which was resolved in the last seconds. Happy with the result, but not so happy with the game played today. We have missed many shots again and in defense, since the 20th minute of the first half, we have not been good at all. In the end we pulled from caste, we pulled from the team, from unity, with Asier Pedroarena fundamental in the last minutes, and a good collective work in the end gave us the two points.”

The next UBU San Pablo Burgos match will be next Sunday, November 26, against Handbol Mallorca at the El Plantío Municipal Sports Center (12:00 p.m.).


TRASMAPI UD IBIZA HC EIVISSA 24: Nikola Jeremic (2), Eduardo Alonso González (2), Vicente Sancho Peña (5), Izan Rubio de la Orden, Roberto Domenech Calatayud, Alex Mali Segura (1), Diego Prada Mena (2) , Javier Rodríguez Moya (2), Luis Adrián Domingo Leiva, Njegos Dukic (4), Ángel Rodríguez Rua (2), Joan Benítez Mari, José Khalil Tarazi Muñoz (4), Ezequiel Soria Leites.

UBU SAN PABLO BURGOS 26: Ibrahim Moral, Alexandre Chan (4), Javier Espinosa (1), Beñat Manterola (2), Jorge G. Lloria, Ruben Fernandez (1), Javier Domingo (4), Toni Alegre (2), Jaime Gallardo, Ernesto Lopez (2), Guilherme Linhares (1), Jaime Gonzalez (2), Zakaria Rabhi, Peter H. Martins (1), Asier Pedroarena (6).

REFEREES: José Alberto Romero Cruz and Enrique Javier Romero Cruz. Exclusions of Nikola Jeremic (Min. 55), Eduardo Alonso (Min. 20) and Njegos Dukic (Min. 21) by UD Ibiza HC Eivissa and of Javier Espinosa (Min. 50), Ernesto López (Min. 32) and Pedro Martins (Min. 15 and Min. 38) by UBU San Pablo. Warnings for Hugo Suárez (Min. 28) by HC Eivissa and Jaime González (Min. 5) by UBU San Pablo Burgos.

PARTIAL: 1-2 / 4-4 / 4-7 / 6-9 / 8-11 / 11-11 / rest / 13-13 / 16-16 / 18-19 / 20-21 / 23-22 / 24- 26 /

INCIDENTS: Ninth day of the Silver Honor Division played at the Es Pratet municipal Pavilion.

2023-11-18 23:56:37
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