Tiger Woods Praises Rafael Nadal: ‘We Should All Enjoy Watching Him Play’

Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal have known each other for many years. And we value each other very much, as the American golf star once again stated a few days ago.


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The rumor mill in golf is almost as hot as that in tennis: Tiger Woods’ return to the professional golf tour is slowly taking shape. Like Rafael Nadal’s in the tennis circus. Woods is already a step further. And commented on Nadal at an event a few days ago.

“For me, what Rafa did is extraordinary. I mean, he won the Australian Open with a broken foot,” says Woods. “This guy is so tough and extremely competitive. And he knows that he now has to deal with the responsibilities of a father. That comes to every athlete.”

“Unfortunately, like in any sport, age can get the better of you,” Woods continued. “And I don’t want him to go. I didn’t want to see Roger Federer go either. But that just happens.”

Of course, Tiger Woods doesn’t know how many more appearances Rafael Nadal will make. But: “We should all enjoy watching him in his matches.” And you should always be clear about what Rafael Nadal and his style of play mean for tennis.

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