The Transformative Impact of Boris Becker on Holger Rune’s Tennis Career: Dreams, Goals, and Aspirations

Since Holger Rune started working with Boris Becker, his feelings on the court have changed for the better in recent weeks. The Dane feels very connected to his new coach and has not hesitated to shout it to the world. In an interview, Rune explained what the German brings to him and, in addition, he dared to choose which tournament he would like to win in 2024 and against whom.

Do you have time to think about whether they pay more or less attention to you?

“I think I get a lot of attention and, honestly, it’s not something I think about a lot. “I have goals and I have not achieved them yet, that is why my focus is only on achieving my objectives and improving,” he confessed. Holger Rune a It was Marela.

Boris Becker, a top-level coach who understands you

“I think I have already taken the next step at the end of 2023. I started working with Boris and it is something important for me to have a coach with experience as a top-level player, but also as a top-level coach. I learn a lot every time we are on the track and feel like I receive a wise and qualified answer every time I ask a question on any topic. And sharing my thoughts with someone who was among the best when I was young… It means a lot when someone understands you. Not many people do that. “It’s a crazy world.”

How do you deal with difficult moments?

“Every year I go through difficult times and Becker will help me with this too. When is the right time to take a break, when is the time to increase or decrease training, etc. It’s hard when things don’t go your way, but I think it’s part of life, especially when you’re young. I can’t expect to know everything and do everything well. I learn and I want to learn and I get stronger mentally as I go through these difficult times. How do I turn it around? It’s pretty simple. “My dream and my goals mean so much to me that even when I suffer, my dream lives on.”

A big time player

“It’s true, I feel very good on the biggest stages, it’s different. The atmosphere is incredible. Maybe because I am passionate about tennis I feel even better being surrounded by a lot of people excited to see great tennis. It gives something extra.”

About Novak Djokovic saying that he sees something of himself in him

“I accept it as a great compliment. “Novak managed to achieve everything we dreamed of.”

Best win for 2024?

“Now I want to obtain great results on outdoor fast track. I have done very well on clay, grass and indoor hard courts, so now it is time to show my tennis on outdoor hard courts. That’s why my choice would be the Australian Open final against Novak.”

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