The Tension Between Dillon Brooks and LeBron James: A New Rivalry in the Making?

Every meeting between Dillon Brooks and LeBron James lately has had a certain amount of tension between both players. This has become evident in the recent duels between the Lakers and Rockets, but the truth is that it is not so clear when this clash began. Brooks had some aggressive statements against Akron during last year’s playoff tie, when he was still part of the Grizzlies, but it does not seem that they responded to a real rivalry between the two that came from before. And in this situation, Rui Hachimura has given a possible explanation.

“I don’t know where the disagreement between those two comes from,” he said. «I know they have been like this for a while, especially in the playoffs last year, but for Bron it is nothing important. I guess Brooks is trying to be part of his story.”

This is a reading that, to be honest, fits the player profile that Dillon has built for himself. Undeniably a good player, he doesn’t seem destined to be one of those names that lasts in NBA history, and if he does, it’s probably more because of his villainous role. And what better way to stand out as a villain than to forge a rivalry with the greatest player of your generation.

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However, these types of situations are now so common for the Canadian that it does not seem that this attack responds so much to a personal fixation with LeBron as to the fact that this is simply how he approaches games. But whatever the case, he has certainly managed to be the focus of attention when his team faces James’ team.

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