The Rivalry Continues: Dallas Cowboys Prepare for Showdown with Seattle Seahawks

FRISCO, TX – These are two organizations that know each other very well and love is never lost when the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks face off. The history of the showdown includes many headlines, some great, some not so much.

From a brutal hit on linebacker Sean Lee to a Tony Romo conversion on receiver Terrance Williams, and the preseason hit on Romo that ushered in the Dak Prescott era in 2016 — the Cowboys and Seahawks never leave anything on the field.

“We’ve played them a couple of years ago, so we really have to stay in tune with what they put on tape,” head coach Mike McCarthy said. “We played them in the preseason, but that’s different as far as matchups go.”

In his first matchup against the Seahawks as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys in 2020, McCarthy suffered a 38-31 loss in the Pacific Northwest, despite racking up 522 total yards of offense that day.

Things are a lot different today with Russell Wilson wearing a Broncos uniform and Geno Smith running the offense instead of Pete Carroll, but the weapons at wide receiver aren’t much different, nor any less lethal.

But, for the Seahawks, it will start with establishing the running game, and that’s something the Cowboys are looking to stop at AT&T Stadium, where they have been nothing short of a mess against the visitors in 2023.

“It’s going to start with challenging our run defense, when they line up with the ball.” McCarthy said. “We’re watching this because it’s going to be an extremely physical and active football game.”

It will also be key for the Cowboys to prevent any turnovers, which is obvious, but worth mentioning considering that was a big reason for the Seahawks’ victory (mentioned above) three years ago, and that is certainly something that is set in stone. on McCarthy’s mind heading into Thursday.

It will be a grueling fight for both teams, who need victory as the calendar prepares to enter December, when playoff seeding begins to take center stage.

“They do a good job of taking the ball away and how they do it,” he said. “We need to protect the ball at all costs and we need to take it away from them. … And we know the type of football they like to play defensively. We look at this as an excellent, excellent opportunity.”

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