The Rise of Naj Razi: Real Madrid’s Latest Young Talent

The most repeated story in the world of football. When a footballer starts to stand out… His name magically sneaks onto Real Madrid’s radar. A simple formula and at the same time the most effective for put a young pearl in the spotlight. And looking back, it is easy to find examples to realize that this had already happened before. The white club knows it, but lives with it completely normally..

The white club has perfectly understood the change that has occurred in the world of football when it comes to manufacturing/finding to young talents who are beginning to shine with their own light. A very marked transfer policy (that does not mean that large sums cannot be paid for unique talents such as Jude Bellingham) that is giving great results. The idea is to follow the young pearls to see their football flourish from up close so as not to later have to reverse the real atrocities (once they have exploded in football) that currently manages the transfer market. So things are, The last one to join the list was Naj Razi.

A European… against Lamine Yamal

The young 17-year-old footballer, who plays in the Shamrock Rovers of the First Division of Ireland, is an offensive midfielder that has become the pearl of Irish football. According to the Irish Mirrorthe white team noticed him during the European Under-17 between last May and June in Hungary in which Ireland lost to Spain in the quarterfinalsbut Naj Razi’s performance did not go unnoticed after facing, among others, Lamine Yamal.

Neither for Real Madrid nor for some of the greats of the Premier… since the Irish media assures that Arsenal and Chelsea are also following this young talent very closely.. “He looks very good for such a young player. He has great confidence with the ball and great skill. He was noticeable in training and now he is starting to get some minutes on the field. He seems like a really talented footballer and I think he will have a very good future in football.“, explain Shamrock Rovers veterans about the performance of their youth player.

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