The Rise of American Football in Spain and the Expansion of the NFL in Europe

American football is one of the most unknown sports in Spain, although less and less, as little by little it is making its way in Europe and also in our country. Every year there are more sports fans in Spain who become great followers of the NFL (North American Football League), and good proof of this is the expansion that the NFL itself is carrying out in Spainplacing Madrid as one of the possible stadiums to host a league match in the coming years.

In other countries like England or Germany it is much more widespread and several games are played each year throughout the season. And precisely this Saturday, in Frankfurt (Germany) the current NFL champion, the Kansas City Chiefswho face the Miami Dolphins in a Deutsche Bank Park that sold out in a matter of minutes.

And the figure of the Chiefs is none other than their quarterback Patrick Mahomesthe best player in the league currently and who, taking advantage of his trip to Germany, has left some statements that have not gone unnoticed by American football fans, to the Olympic Games y al ‘flag footballthe sport that the IOC has included in the Olympic Games of The Angels for 2028 and the ’15’ of the Chiefs wants to be at the appointment.

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I definitely want to do it. I will be 32 or 33 years old, so if I still have my mobility, then I will look to go out and throw the ball in Los Angeles,” said the Kansas City QB in the preview of the clash against the Dolphins. “I’ve seen some of those guys play flag football. and I can tell that they are a little faster than me, but I also know that there are no linemen blocking you, so maybe I could be in Los Angeles,” he clarified.

MahomesMost Valuable Player of the 2018 and 2022 NFL seasons, was enthusiastic about the possibility of competing in some Olympic Games thanks to the fact that ‘flag football’ was accepted last October by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as part of the sports of Los Angeles 2028. “The NFL and American football have spread throughout the world and the ‘flag footballhas reached the Olympic Games. “I think it’s really great because this sport is a game that has given me a lot and I want to make sure that everyone has the same experience that I had as a child with this new possibility,” he stressed.

What is ‘flag fooball’?

Flag football is a variant of American football, but without contact. Each team is made up of five players. The opponent is stopped by removing one of the ribbons that he wears on the sides of his hip, something that Mahomes He said it is an advantage that he can take advantage of.

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From 2022 the NFL and the International American Football Federation (IFAF) joined forces to promote the inclusion of ‘flag football’ in the Olympic Games with the aim of making this sport more popular in the world.

Another of the programs that NFL has to grow its fan base outside the United States is the series of international matches it has held since 2005 in Mexico, starting in 2007 in England and since last year in Germany.

This year he had three regular season games in London and two will be in Frankfurt. He Chiefs-Dolphins Week 9 will be played this Sunday; The second will be the Patriots-Colts on November 12. Both will take place at Deutsche Bank Park.

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