The KNVB Must Take Action Against FC Utrecht’s Fireworks Tradition, Says FC Twente Supporter

The KNVB must act as the supporter of FC Utrecht makes fireworks sounds during matches against FC Twente. Henk Hilbolling from Boekelo writes this in an open letter Algemeen Dagblad. “The association stops matches for less.”

“As a supporter of FC Twente, I naturally watched the match against FC Utrecht last Sunday. The tradition that FC Twente cannot win in Utrecht goes back to 2011. That is certainly the merit of FC Utrecht. During this match there is still an annual tradition and that is the making of fireworks sounds by the supporters of FC Utrecht.”

According to Hilbolling, there is no point in provoking if it is aimed at the players on the field. “If this relates to the current selection and staff of FC Twente, I have to disappoint them. 95 percent of the selection was not even born on May 13, 2000, and only two of the staff have consciously experienced it.”

In his opinion, it is also time for action. “What happened on Sunday and in all previous years affects the residents of Enschede, and especially those families who were hit hard by the fireworks disaster, as well as the personnel of all emergency services. There were 23 deaths and more than a dozen injuries. Wouldn’t it be desirable for the Utrecht administration to point this out to their supporters. This would be desirable, partly in view of the administrative relationship between Enschede and Utrecht. Sharon Dijksma, the widely praised mayor of Utrecht, has her roots in Enschede .”

“A copy of this letter will go to the municipality of Utrecht and the KNVB. The association will stop matches for less,” he concludes.


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