The Future of FC Barcelona’s Shirt Sponsorship: Exploring New Options

11/30/2023 Act. at 19:21 CET

FC Barcelona explores all the formulas to try to increase its ordinary income. One of the avenues that the club has put on the table is shirt sponsorship.. Although there is a very strong bond with Nike -both contractually and romantically due to it being a long relationship-, the entity chaired by Joan Laporta has been surveyed by several sports brands. In addition to Puma, New Balance has also been interested in the sought-after Barça elastic in recent months..

Barça and Nike have gone hand in hand since 1998. Right now, both are joined by a contract valid until 2028. This link was signed in 2016 and means the club an income of 155 million euros per season since then. After holding conversations with various firms, the club believes that this amount is below the market price. That is why Barça would like to renegotiate some conditions with the American brand, which has the upper hand since it feels defended by the validity of the signed contract.

In recent times, New Balance has entered the football business. serves as an example the agreement reached with Endrick, a young talent signed by Real Madrid. Entity clubs like Porto o Lille They have also joined the aforementioned brand, although it is true that agreements with Roma and Athletic Club have fallen along the way.

Nike has the upper hand

New Balance wanted to know first-hand what real options there were for Barça to break the contract with Nike, although the surveys left little optimism for the first firm. The Catalan entity assumes that it cannot break the contract but is still in talks with Nike to try to achieve a greater degree of satisfaction in the agreement that governs today.

Apart from the strictly economic, At the club they are not entirely satisfied with some service issues either.: quality in some processes, designs, service to players… However, sources close to Nike explain that it is not easy to comply with everything because, in their opinion, It is Barça itself that is sometimes delayed with some decisions or deadlines.. The tensions, then, are bidirectional.

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