The clarifications from the president of Oviedo after showing doubts about the sports city: “Latores is the priority and with Herce everything is going well”

His phrase at the meeting. “Nothing is certain until it is signed. It is very much on track and we have been working with Herce for some time, who are very honorable people. Details are missing and in an assembly I cannot say something that is not signed. I cannot say percentages, but we are quite on track.” .

Why did they present the land on March 3? “Perhaps because at that time we did not know the bureaucratic part and how slow times can go, but we are doing well. One would like everything to be fast, but it has to take longer having the security of the institution. It is my turn to defend the interests of Oviedo, and with this I am not saying that we are not on the right track, but when we have the guarantees, which are on track, we will be able to talk about a presentation of the sports city.

Is Latores the only possibility at the moment? “Since we arrived there have been several proposals and we are heading towards Latores. There are other proposals, which at least we did not follow up on, but there are. We had other options at the time, there are always options… Latores is our priority, but options have”.

Could the sports city be located on another site? “I already answered.”

Is there a deadline? “We’re not going to get to that, I’m not trying to say that Latores’ land is bad or that we have problems with Herce. We just don’t have what our lawyers need.”

The deadlines. “The only problems are the deadlines. We do not control the times and it does not depend on us. We have no contact with the City Council in that sense, our contact is Herce and we know the good will of everyone. The plan is headed by Herce.”

The sporting situation and signings: “Between now and the Christmas break I would score as many points as possible. We want to be up there and do a good job in the Copa del Rey. We don’t have to get away from the top.” We don’t have much of a salary limit, we are working commercially to have more, but we don’t need many reinforcements either. “We hope to make a maximum of two signings in January, one or two.”

Cleaning of the Tartiere. “”The hygiene and cleanliness of the Tartiere depends on the company hired by the City Council. “We are in communications so that the City Council can tighten up, because it is a recurring complaint.”

2023-11-16 21:04:41
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