The changes in Pedro Sánchez’s non-verbal communication before and after contemplating the amnesty, according to an expert

In ‘Horizonte’Iker Jiménez interviews José Luis Martín Ovejero, expert in non-verbal communicationwhich analyzes the changes in the expressions and gestures of Pedro Sánchez before and after contemplating the amnesty.

Ovejero analyzes a fragment in which Pedro Sánchez positions himself against amnesty and affirms that the socialist feels and appears convinced: “Both in this case and in all those in which he defended the “no” to the amnesty, what we saw was a very secure person, very confident in his arguments. Furthermore, it is that I have very studied Pedro Sánchez From the beginning. We saw him with his upright body position, the face is not tensehad direct looks, and on many occasions he moves his hands, strengthening what he says with words, they are called illustrative gestures, and what they do is reinforce the message, and they are an indicator of credibility. He had a wealth of data that led me to think that he was really convinced that he did not want the amnesty.”

In the second video that we analyze in ‘Horizonte’, we listen to the president of the government at the moment in which he pronounces the word “amnesty” for the first time in his investiture debate: “In the name of Spain and in the name of the interest of Spain and in defense of harmony between Spaniards, we are going to grant an amnesty to the people channeled by the Catalan Process.”

Ovejero has explained in ‘Horizonte’ the great change who considers that he has suffered non-verbal communication from Pedro Sánchez: “Magnificent in non-verbal communication. It is spectacular. This is when he first uttered the word amnesty in Congress yesterday. and what he does at the body level the thing is look down at the ground, tighten your lips a lot and tenses his face. That is to say, his communication has completely changed.”

The non-verbal communication expert assures that these gestures that he analyzes in Sánchez’s intervention are very common: “People we usually look downtense our face and tighten our lips when we are holding ourselves back on an emotional level and, above all, when we have many doubts about what we may be telling. It is insecurity.”

“Mi conclusion the thing is Pedro Sánchez’s communication has changed and that what he previously defended with certainty and conviction, now it seems that he has many more doubts when it comes to defending it. The feeling it gives me is that He is not convinced of what he is doing. “That is not a decision that you make out of conviction, but out of necessity,” concludes José Luis Martín Ovejero in his intervention in ‘Horizonte’.


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