The “anti Tavares” that half of Europe is looking for is… David Kravish

The sports directors and coaches of the most important European basketball teams have been searching for the figure of what has been called the “anti Tavares” for several years now.. A player who can stop Walter Tavares, the most dominant center in FIBA ​​basketball, who has turned Real Madrid into a contender for all the titles he plays for. The Cape Verdean giant has been a fundamental figure in the latest successes achieved by Real Madrid. His record with the white shirt is enviable: 2 Euroleagues, 3 ACB Leagues, 1 Copa del Rey, 6 Super Cups, 1 MVP of the Final Four and 1 MVP of the League Final.

David Kravish and Edy Tavares, in the last Copa del Rey match. ACBPHOTO

Obsession of half Europe

Every summer market, all the “big” teams in Europe look for a player who can hurt the great white star (with permission from Facu Campazzo). Barça, Efes, Fenerbahce, Olympiacos… they all know that they need a very top interior player who, on the day of truth, in a Final Four or in a key play-off match, can look the Cape Verdean in the face and minimize your damage. The search for that figure has become a real obsession for some.

Well, Unicaja seems to have found it. The “anti Tavares” is called David and his last name is Kravish. Already in the semifinal of the Copa del Rey in Badalona last February he showed glimpses of being that player capable of making the white giant uncomfortable, but this weekend, in the WiZink league clash, he established himself at the highest continental level with a superb performance that allowed his team to beat Real Madrid, undefeated in the previous 19 games.

David Kravish played a great game in Madrid. BCL

Kravish lesson on WiZink

The thing about the North American center with a Bulgarian passport from Unicaja was a master lesson in how to hurt Walter Tavares in attack and make Walter Tavares uncomfortable in defense. His card does not allow debate regarding his impact on the party: 23 points, 6 rebounds and 25 PIR, in 26:07 minutes on the court, turning the Cape Verdean into a world-class playerl. His aim in the medium and long distance (7/7 in two-pointers and 3/6 in triples) made rival centers desperate, taking them out of their comfort zone and creating spaces so that the outside boxers could also do damage low. the Rings.

Praise from Kendrick Perry

After the game, his teammate, Kendrick Perry, wrote on his Twitter account: “David Kravish is a Euroleague player». A statement that seems very obvious, although Unicaja renewed it last summer for two seasons, until June 2025, with an option in its contract to extend the agreement for another year, until the summer of 2026. In other words, if any An important team in Europe is coming for him, he must first convince the player and then also go through the cash register to buy his rights.

“We are a great team”

Kravish was happy after consummating the victory against the meringues: «We are a great team, competitive, we always want to win. What we have achieved in the second part is not easy. This is the great thing about this team, seeing that they never give up., always continuing to work; Take advantage of the opportunity and stay calm. “We are a great group and that shows on the track.” Jokingly asked why he had had breakfast to be at such a superlative level, the green center replied: “I had potato omelet, croissants and orange juice for breakfast.”

After several years of searching, FIBA ​​basketball has already found the “anti Tavares.” AND He is neither Jan Vessely nor Moustapha Fall nor Donta Hall nor Johnathan Motley. He is David Kravish and the luck is that he plays for Unicaja.

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