Takeoff with Basket Story: Exploring Basketball Stories with Heart and Soul

Ready to get on board Basket Story for another intriguing journey through basketball stories? So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for takeoff with the October issue of the magazine that talks about basketball with the heart and soul of those who live it.

Basket Story #31 part with the StoryBoard by director Salvatore Cavallo dedicated to Sandro Gamba and his incredible and phenomenal life and basketball story. In the editorial Those two bullets the spotlight is turned on the former Italian player and coach to retrace a fantastic adventure that inspired director Massimiliano Finazzer Flory for the docufilm “A coach like father”, created in collaboration with the FIP and with the patronage of the Lba.

Always remaining in the cinematographic field, there is one to read in one go Life Story signed by Alessandra Rucco who, in Saudade from… Scugnizzi, he lets himself be carried away by emotions and memories while watching the docuseries «Scugnizzi per semper» unfold on the small screen (RaiPlay), which sees the sporting and human events of Juvecaserta at the center of the narrative.

Another one Basketball Magic with Luca Corsolini who, between the serious and the facetious, focuses on perceptions, on what we see in reality and what appears in our distracted (and distorted) imagination. So it can happen that we don’t know if we are in Austria or Australia because too often stolen attention it is not just the title of Jhoann Hari’s book but an aspect of our everyday life.

Have you ever thought about the importance of music in sport? If you haven’t done so, then follow the rhythm and musical notes of Playlist time. In the Music Story of this month Federico Bettuzzi takes us on a compelling journey through songs and artists that describe or accompany basketball.

Basketball enters prison with deputy director Andrea Ninetti who wanted to delve deeper, with Progetto Storythe laudable initiative, supported by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry for Sport and Youth, which will open the doors of prisons. With The Cagers basketball opens the cage let’s discover the program that wants to create a team made up of inmates of Italian prisons, pursuing the path of recovery, through basketball, of those who have made mistakes throughout their lives.

In this number Roberto Bergogni scores a nice pair of triples. He sends the first one to the target with the Wisconsin Story opening the doors of the famous American College to us since its origins, with an incredible and compelling excursus narrated in Milk and beer, badgers and fawns, Kareem and Giannis. The second is a real gift for the readers of Basket Story because Roberto Bergogni allows us to leaf through the pages of his book Akron round trip, 100 seasons of pro basketball, for the first Book Reading event in which, month after month, we will be able to discover the history of professional basketball.

For the Book Story he went down to the parquet of Basket Story Davide Torelli to introduce us Shaquille O’ Neal the big dieselthe book dedicated to the definitive biography of the NBA champion.

For the appointments and birthdays in October Paolo Lorenzi has used all his resources, digging into the depths of his memory and basketball knowledge, to give us a new interesting stage of «It happened today and birthdays».

Finally, it could not be missing, Sports people which in this issue brings Jonny Cecotto to the fore. Federico Bettuzzi tells us about it The flying boy the story of the Italian-Venezuelan who amazed the world by the challenges with Agostini as Senna’s boxing partner.

That the journey of this issue of Basket Story begins between the sweet bounce of a ball on the parquet and the tuft of a triple that burns the retina…

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