Surreal Moment in the NBA: Misspelled Jersey and Pronunciation Challenge

Surreal moment that occurred last morning in the NBA. San Antonio Spurs y Golden State Warriors They met in the ‘In-Season Tournament’, the Cup created by the American League this season.

Those from San Francisco won by 112-118 increasing a crisis in the Spurs that is already alarming, with 11 consecutive defeats. Stephen Curry once again led Steve Kerr’s team with 35 points.

The Frenchman’s surname, quite a challenge

Beyond the strictly sporting aspect, the meeting left a anecdote to remember, which marks the debut season of Victor Wembanyama, brand new number 1 in this season’s draft. Pronounce correctly last name of the French player is not an easy task. Even more so if you still have to find the correct intonation in French. Quite a challenge.

The error with ‘Wemby’

But last night there was a surreal scene, given that The player wore, for some moments, a shirt that had his last name misspelled. So, for a few minutes, Spurs’ number 1 was Wembanyana, a mistake and a dance between the fictitious ‘N’ and the real ‘M’. Once they realized what had happened, ‘Wemby’ changed his shirt, This time yes, with the surname stamped correctly.

The anecdote reached the press room, where the French player was asked about the incident. “It’s a real shame. I don’t know if they’re going to fire anyone today, but the Spurs did a great job checking that the name was right,” he told the media.

A curious situation, to say the least, that shows that in the best basketball league on the planet, these are also committed. mistakes.

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