Suárez reviews all the current events in Oviedo and explains the Pachuca method: “The sports city is fundamental”

The first world summit of sports directors, promoted by the FIDS (International Federation of Sports Directors) concluded this afternoon in Oviedo with an interesting round table in which Abelardo Fernández, former Sporting coach, participated; Roberto Suárez, sports director of Oviedo; Natalia González, general director of Avilés; Toña Is, former national coach and Giuseppe Sipone, general secretary of SS Monopoli, a team from the Italian third division. The Oviedo sports director spoke about his work at the blue club. These were his reflections.

Way of working

“All models are valid and there is no single way of working. The key is to adapt to the environment and the property. There are sports directors who succeeded in one club and go to another and it is different. You have to be flexible and that leads to “The dynamics are good. With Pachuca there is no specific person, I have my role, my space and I have to develop a strategy. From there the line of work is decided.”


“It is a football group and that gives you more opportunities. This is a company, and companies must be solvent and make money. Oviedo has its shortcomings and virtues, the past does not matter and adaptation is essential.”

“With Pachuca it changes us, we have new markets and we are moving forward. The information multiplies between the clubs”

His career

“I have gone through all the stages and I have been lucky to work in something that I like and in the club in my city. Sooner or later Pachuca will put Oviedo in First Division. I trust my team a lot because when you are sports director you are in the center of everything and you have to trust people. A player can work or not and there are factors that you do not control. You have to make as few mistakes as possible.

“When I started in this I was obsessed and put in thousands of hours. Moods are important. You see the experience and everything is flexible

Oviedo News

“Yesterday we lost in Miranda and we are not going to think that this is a disaster. In Oviedo everything is all or nothing. We have to continue being aware of the path we are going on. Like little ants.”

Relationship with the coach

“It is a situation of trust. The two coaches that I had to have always said that the captain is the coach, who sets the guidelines. We have to help him in his wear and tear. We focus on what surrounds us, without being intrusive. Handling all situations, “It’s about aligning everything. We had a coach who was a spokesperson for the club…I’m not going to assess whether he plays one way or another, that’s fourth-rate. If he asks me for my opinion, I’ll give it.”

“When I had to enter sports management, we were in a difficult moment and you suffered. It is never pleasant to fire a coach, but you have to make decisions and find another way to do it.”

Sport City

“The sports city project is fundamental, we need that improvement, infrastructure. We have to move forward.”

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