SSD Tusculum Sport Center Frascati Dominates CSEN National Martial Arts Championships in Riccione

Published: Tuesday, November 21, 2023 – Sports editorial team

FRASCATI (martial arts) – The competition took place in Riccione on 18 and 19 November – ​​exclusive content

The SSD Tusculum Sport Center Frascati won numerous medals at the CSEN national championships held in Riccione on 18 and 19 November in the splendid Playhall.

The competition saw the participation of over 1400 judokas. On Saturday Judo Frascati achieved full spoils in the children’s class.

Six little judokas from Frascati climbed onto the highest podium, winning gold: Flavio Piccari Flavio, Valerio Vitozzi, Valerio De Noe, Simone Scacchi, Maya Cesari, Aurora Di Serio.

Vittoria Nigro instead won the silver medal in the women’s “Rookies A” class, while Ludovica Palozzi won the bronze.

Alaimo Nicolò won the national title in kg. 38 among the “Esordienti b” males, Valerio Salomone took silver in the kg. 50, Leonardo Petrucciani won the bronze in the kg. 60. Michelangelo Petrucciani, among the “A Beginners”, won the silver medal in the kg. 40. and Matteo De Angelis the bronze in the kg. 60.

Sunday saw other medals, in particular in the under 23 class: Alfonso Licenziato bronze in the kg. 73 black belts and Andrea Casagrande silver kg. 100. Giovanni Della Casa won the national title with a splendid race in the kg category. 100 Seniors.

Rocco Caramoni, Christian Di Mauro, Andrea Paciotti, Valerio Catitti were unable to get on the podium. Francesco Dominicis lost the semi-final for third and fifth place, finishing seventh. The contribution of the masters Nicola Moraci, Andrea Mancini and the athlete Giulio Di Serio was fundamental during the races.

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