Reviewing the Standout Pitchers from the High School Baseball Fall Tournament

All official high school baseball games have ended. We will once again review the pitching by the main pitchers, including the ace, of the team that advanced to the top in the fall prefectural tournament. First-year pitchers pitched hard, and there were few tall pitchers, but the pitching video shows that their form is well-balanced and their arms swing.

【Prefectural tournament】
① Ueda West
② Oshiojiri, Tokyo
③ Matsusho Gakuen
④ Nagano Nihon University

↓ Momose, Ueda Nishi’s first-year ace, pitched a lot in relief.

↓ Shirokura, the ace of Toshidai University, has a high degree of perfection.

↓ Sakurai, Matsushita’s ace, has a power pitch from Yokote that ranges from 130 km to midfield.

↓ Nagano Nihon University’s left-handed ace Yamada fully demonstrates his technical skills

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2023-11-02 16:33:47
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