Return to Martín Carpena with just the right time

Unicaja wanted to train this Thursday at the Martín Carpena Palace… but it could not be. The Palace is still not in a position for the green team to work, after last week’s dispute in the Final 8 of the Davis Cup, so the green and purple squad, with Ibon Navarro at the helm, has returned to exercise at the José María Martín Urbano Pavilion in Los Guindos.

Image of training in Los Guindos. Unicajab/Photopress-Mariano Pozo

Almost a month away from Carpena

The composer team has been “banished” from Carpena since Tuesday, November 7. That day he played his last official match in Malaga, specifically against the Greek Peristeri, on the third day of the Basketball Champions League group stage. From the next day, when the assembly of everything that the Davis Cup entails began, the squad and coaching staff moved all their belongings to Los Guindos to settle in the club’s facilities on Gregorio Diego Avenue from then until today.

Last Sunday the final of the fight for the “Salad Bowl” concluded with the victory of Italy. From that moment on, the disassembly process began with the intention that in 72 hours everything would be ready so that this Thursday the team could train again on the main court of the Palace.

Unicaja trained in Los Guindos before traveling to Girona. Unicajab/Photopress-Mariano Pozo

Unicaja-Baxi Manresa

Unfortunately for the cajistas’ interests, this expectation of the club has not been met and We will have to wait until Friday for Unicaja to regain “its” place in the Sports Palace, with just enough time to do a single training session before on Saturday at 6 p.m., the green and purple team receives Baxi Manresa in a match on matchday 12 of the Endesa League.

Thus, 28 days later, this first day of December, Unicaja will return to work at “its” home. At the moment, on Thursday, it was still not possible.

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