Reimagining Tarquinia’s Coast: A Sustainable Approach to Tourism Development

NewTuscia – TARQUINIA – Rather than designing pharaonic ports for luxury vessels that have already chosen other landing places for decades and that we are unlikely to intercept now, the Municipality would do well to make our coast more attractive for a more popular target clientele, who already frequent Tarquinia or the ‘he has frequented her in the past and is gradually abandoning her, but he could stay and even return.

The Municipality could do this by making currently abandoned and unused areas available for storage, but also for the rental of small boats, recovering them for collective use as spaces to facilitate the introduction to water sports of young people, residents or holidaymakers, at prices accessible to all , also through the activation of courses in agreement with companies in the sector with proven experience, creating job opportunities as well as inclusion.

For a few days now, all the online newspapers of a territorial nature have been featuring press releases with the title… “Tarquinia will have its own tourist port” after the approval of the resolution of the Lazio Region Council for the Plan of Ports of Regional Economic Interest.

But two strong question marks remain on this statement.

First of all: are we so sure that an intermediate port of call between Riva di Traiano and Cala Galera will be attractive?

Will intercepting the latent demand of boaters residing in holiday homes in Tuscia be enough to make the project economically sustainable?

Another issue to be resolved is that the entire Lido and Marina Velca area are subject to protection restrictions due to flood danger (Hydrogeological Management Plan).

In all these years we have not even been able to remove the flood constraint of the artisanal area (not even through the regional contribution granted of over 3.5 million euros), which is far from the two main waterways that pass through the municipal territory.

How can we hope to remove this constraint to build a tourist port right at the mouth of the most important river?

Let’s not throw ourselves headlong into the next electoral campaign for the election of the Mayor.

If we want to do good for our community, let’s do it seriously, with criteria, let’s redevelop the territory, revalue it, create work, provide employment, let’s not just try to garner electoral consensus.

In times of elections and promised holidays, gifts are always ready, but the worst are the recycled ones.

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2023-11-29 12:50:13
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