Reggio’s Team Suffers First Away Defeat in Overtime against Virtus Ragusa

First away defeat for the Purple basketball. Reggio’s team fails to achieve this feat in overtime as they come very close to the outside goal Palapadua Of Ragusa against a strong, well-prepared team who were right overall thanks to a splendid evening shooting from long range.

Reggio, author of a dazzling and probably unexpected start to the championship, takes advantage of the good things done, pays a low percentage to free throws and the injury suffered by Captain Thomas Binelli (nothing serious from the information received) and will try to redeem themselves in the inside a championship that promises to be balanced, exciting and vibrant. Ends 105-98.

The offensive start of Brown and Gaetano compensated for the excellent sprint of Tyrtyshnyk, who scored 11 points in 10′ with three shots from beyond the arc. Sorrentino scores a great basket coming off the bench, the attacks prevail over the defenses and in the 5th minute a triple from Cioppa puts a timid possession between the teams (15-12). In the back-and-forth, Mavric makes room for an attacking rebound (20-23), Sorrentino hits a three-pointer, Vavoli closes an excellent counterattack but Brown again sets the tone with a jumper at the siren (27-25). The first half of the second quarter mirrors the first. Virtus attacks well with double play, but loses a few turns in defense. The first to make the difference is Calvi: two triples and a defensive recovery by Recupido’s big man give Ragusa their first mini-escape (44-39). Brown scores +8 against a zone attempt. At halftime the scoreboard reads 49-43 for the home team.

After the interval Virtus seems to have more. The defense tightens and open shots arrive in the other half of the field: Simon and Cioppa punish from the arc, Reggio gets closer (59-55) with a minibreak of 0-5, but then two baskets from Gaetano – the last favored by an assist from Epifani – they give the margin back to Ragusa (65-55 at 28′). Epifani again discards a chocolate for Calvi, which pushes Virtus to +12. Sorrentino’s triple completes an 11-0 run and rewrites the maximum lead (70-55). A couple of offensive mistakes give the guests hope again: 70-58 in the 30th minute.

Viola are a solid team and call everything into question: partial score of 7-0. Virtus relies on Brown, who reciprocates the trust with two triples and a masterful penetration to make it 78-67 (in the 34th minute). Vavoli scores a triple for +13, then is forced to the bench with five fouls. Calvi follows him for a questionable whistle on an attacking rebound and Recupido, with Gaetano at four, has to make a virtue of necessity. Reggio practically never gives up: two baskets from Aguzzoli bring them back to within one possession (83-80 with 2′ to go). Back and forth between Gaetano and Mavric. Unsportsmanlike in Sorrentino: Simonetti makes 1/2 on free throws, Maksimovic scores the counter-overtaking triple, but Simon is devastating from the corner: 88-86 Virtus with 22″ to go. Tyrtyshnyk goes 2 of 2 from the foul line with 10 seconds on the clock. Ragusa’s last possession is lost with an impossible shot from Sorrentino: it goes to overtime.

Virtus, with the long team eliminated (former Gaetano also out), relies on archery and puts its nose back ahead with triples from Simon and Brown (94-92). It’s a very heavy basket from Epifani, the first of his match, which digs the new furrow for the home team: 97-92. Simon scores the new triple of +6 (100-94) with 56″ left to go, decisive for the final plus seven.

Virtus Ragusa-Viola Reggio Calabria 105-98 d1ts

The power of Ragusa: Brown 23, Piscetta, Epifani 3, Cioppa 9, Simon 16, Cascone ne, Guccione ne, Vavoli 11, Sorrentino 8, Gaetano 23, Mirabella ne, Calvi 12. All.: Recupido

Viola Reggio Calabria: Aguzzoli 18, Riversata ne, Simonetti 5, Konteh, Maksimovic 16, Mavric 21, Mazza ne, Seck 2, Binelli, Tyrtyshnyk 36, Russo ne. All.: Cigarini

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