Real Madrid Suffers First Euroleague Defeat in Heartbreaking Overtime Loss

Real Madrid’s first defeat in the Euroleague It came in the cruelest way: in the last second of overtime, after leading on the scoreboard for 44 minutes and leading by 14 points in the final period. Fenerbahce only had two leads in the entire match, both in extra time. The last one came with a basket by Madar with six tenths left (100-99). It was the dagger that broke the 10-0 streak. Someday the whites were going to lose. What few imagined was that it would be like this.


100 – Fenerbahce (16+21+22+28+13): Calathes (13), Hayes-Davis (16), Papagiannis (-), Guduric (21), Pierre (-) -five starters-, Wilbekin (19) , Motley (9), Dorsey (2), Sanli (3), Madar (17).99 – Real Madrid (29+15+23+20+12): Campazzo (33), Deck (14), Llull (14 ), Ndiaye (2), Tavares (7), -starting five-, Sergio Rodríguez (2), Poirier (11), Rudy Fernández (2), Musa (11), Hezonja (3), Abalde (-). Referees : Robert Lottermoser (Germany), Milos Koljensic (Montenegro) and Luka Kardum (Greece). Tavares was excluded due to personal fouls (min.36). Incidents: matchday 11 of the Euroleague basketball match played at Ülker Sports Arena in Istanbul.

Madrid had it and let it slip through their fingers. In a macabre wink of fate, Campazzo, who had scored his best score in the competition (33 points on 11/11 shots), lost a crucial ball. With 98-99 with six seconds remaining, the whites took a deep serve, the Argentine point guard was harassed in a 2×1 of Calathes and Hayes-Davis and, faced with the risk of going out of bounds, he raffled the ball. He took it Guduricwho assisted Madar to score on a drive to the basket against the defense of Llull. This is how the Madridistas fell for the first time in this Euroleague.

The great performance of Campazzo, who led his team’s fantastic staging with 16 points without failure (5/5 from two and 2/2 in triples) in the first period. The whites won by 13 at the dawn of the clash (16-29) with the point guard scoring as many points in the first quarter as Fenerbahce and adding eight credits more rating than the entire rival. Deck monopolized the rebound (14+8) and Tavares dominated behind, but Facu was an orchestra director, soloist and even an usher.

The rotations suited the Turks better. Madar (17 points) began to bother Sergio Rodriguez and the only offensive resource was alley-oops with Poirier (11+8). A couple of referee reviews and countless fouls cut off Madrid’s pace. Fenerbahce began to grow with Guduric (21 puntos), Motley and free throws. The whites dried for 3:16 and conceded a partial 10-0 (33-35). Chus Mateo brought back Campazzo, Tavares and Deck in consecutive plays. The drought was broken with three counterattacks in a row, but the evident superiority had been reduced to seven points at half-time (37-44).

Llull’s tangerines take him to 600 triples

Three triples in a row from the Turks put them in the slipstream (47-48)but Campazzo found the support of a wise Llull, who reached 600 triples in his career in the Euroleague. Some, house brand: 3+1, tangerines on the horn. Madrid took off again and Madar, anticipating what would come next, scored from the limit to leave the 59-67 at the end of the third quarter.

Two baskets of Musa and two free throws from Campazzo set a maximum of 14 for Madrid: 64-78 with 6:42 left. The game seemed on track. Nothing of that. From there until the end of regulation time, the whites would only score one basket in play. Wilbekin (19 points) led a partial 8-0 that raised the locals. Campazzo, exhausted, took a break, Tavares added two fouls in a row and was eliminated, a couple of free throws went to limbo… Bad news for whites was piling up.

A three-pointer by Wilbekin forces extra time

Rudy gave himself in defense to Guduric and appeared everywhere, such as on a key offensive rebound. Campazzo, already on the court, scored a tackle, the only shot in play in almost seven minutes. He then added two free throws with 15 seconds left to make it 84-87. Wilbekin equalized with a triple to close a 23-9 run. Deck missed the last drive to the basket. The whites had squandered 14 points. Extension.

There came the Fenerbahce’s first advantage (94-92). Madrid recovered thanks to Campazzo, of course: his eleventh two-point basket without a mistake and an assist to Poirier. The center would add more after an offensive rebound. At 96-98, with nine seconds left, Hezonja missed a free throw. Guduric scored his two goals. Then came the key loss of the Argentine point guard and Madar’s basket that made the Ulker Sports And Event Hall go crazy. As if they had won a title. Up to Itoudis tears came to his eyes. They had stopped the white locomotive.

Cruel defeat for Madrid in the middle of the European marathon. The extension does not help to cope. Deck played 38 minutes; Campazzo, 37; Llull, 31… Next week double day visiting Olympiacos and Panathinaikos. Time to gauge the collateral effects of the first defeat in the Euroleague.

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