Real Madrid 0 – Rayo 0: An innocuous Real Madrid leaves two points and the lead against Rayo

A month after the rout against Osasuna (4-0), the fickle calendar brought Madrid back to its stadium, with more dark blue chairs, revived private boxes in the second ring, the 360 ​​scoreboard almost completed and a grass who enjoyed spending four weeks under the care and pampering of the hypogeum. Decorated fetén to extend the high of the classic, maintain the advantage over Barça and increase the distance with respect to Atlético, but Madrid left its first two points of the season at the Bernabéu before a Rayo with rennet of worked equipment.

It happens more times than we think and it is a curious phenomenon. Teams like Madrid, accustomed to playing every three days and needing rest due to the high number of games, tend to have poor digestion when the week is clean. I’ll leave you the bait there, Íker Jiménez.

Freed from the first two rounds of the Cup, like the other three teams that will play the Spanish Super Cup in Arabia next January, the players had time to assimilate the victory against Barcelona, ​​take a breath for two and a half days and prepare with calms down the game against Rayo. Come on, the ideal week for footballers and coaching staff, but this Madrid has a hard time warming up. Too much.

He introduced four new additions to the Ancelotti eleven: Fran Garcia, Modric, Camavinga and Joselu, but it was not a question of names. The first half for Madrid was like so many others this season. Little speed in ball circulation and poor success in finishing. Valverde could have put the game downhill in the 6th minute, if he had taken advantage of a clear one-on-one against Dimitrievski. Hard arm from the Macedonian before the Uruguayan’s bitten shot. Fede feels better at cajoling than thinking.

Shortly after, Bellingham, the only one who had the arrow upFor a change, he gave the scare in a strange play in the middle of the field. The Englishman tried to lower a ball with his chest and with his knees on the grass, but the inertia in the fall hurt his left shoulder. Two minutes of attention and silence at the Bernabéu, in which he took a deep breath and applauded angrily to release tension. This Madrid is not here for Jude to go to the infirmary.

An assist from Modric to Carvajal, a left-footed shot from Joselu and a couple of shots from Fran García and Alaba over Dimitrievski’s crossbar was the most dangerous, Valverde’s chance aside, from a Madrid with little fang.

The one that Vinicius has lost in his new position and that he does take out when he goes wide. Last night, he relived certain arbitrations from the past. He needed three fouls to be whistled for one, he had to receive another couple so that his partner, Ratiu, saw a card, and he received a yellow card with a protest and a half.

Ancelotti’s late reaction

After the break, Ancelotti kept the pieces on the board, despite the innocuousness of most of them, and He waited until the 70th minute to add poison to the game. Excessive confidence of the Italian. Nothing changed in the second half to keep the same team for 24 more minutes. Only one goal disallowed for Vinicius, due to Joselu’s previous offside. And nothingness.

Rayo had the game exactly where they wanted, with meters to run, without excessive defensive obligation and with Madrid, and the fans, more concerned with the zeal of Martínez Munuera when it came to punishing fouls, than with a draw that dropped them from the leadership.

The late entry of Rodrygo and Kroos gave the whites more push, but playing with fire, and with haste, is not always going to work out for Real Madrid. Rodrygo had it, shortly after leaving, in a good combination with Carvajal that the Brazilian finished off with his right foot to Dimitrievski’s left post. Caress that does not post.

Ancelotti also changed the system. 4-3-3, with Rodrygo and Vinicius on the wings, like in the old days, but Rayo joined the lines well and the white attack had more heart and legs than head. A high-heeled shot by Rodrygo, stylish in execution, but soft in power, was the best chance in those seven minutes of extension, this time without epic. Girona is the new leader. Lowdown.

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