Rafa Nadal’s Plan for 2024: A Return to the Courts

11/28/2023 at 15:22 CET

A year without Rafa Nadal on the courts seems extraordinarily long, especially for himself. But the ManacorĂ­ already has an established plan for his return to active tennis next year.

As reported by Cadena SER and reported by ‘Punto de Break’, Nadal has a plan with the aim of returning to full performance for what everything indicates will be his last year as a professional, a decision that he will make or not depending on how things go in 2024.

The Spaniard’s return to the slopes is getting closer and closer after twelve months of suffering. Rest, surgery and slow rehabilitation work have culminated in increasingly tougher training sessions that are beginning to remind us of the old Rafa.

The obvious objective is to reach the 2024 Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of the year, with full guarantees but with several intermediate stages.

So, In the first half of December, Nadal will travel to Kuwait, where one of the headquarters of his Academy is located. There he will participate in several promotional events and will be tested in weather conditions similar to those expected for Melbourne in January.. That is, a suffocating heat.

There it will come the Balearic tennis player’s first big decision, to go to Australia or not, it’s that simple.

After Christmas in Manacor, Rafa would move on to the second part of the plan if everything goes as planned: the trip to Australia, with the question of how he would prepare for such a demanding Grand Slam after a year away from the courts.

It seems crazy to return to Melbourne without playing any previous tournament, with the possibility of playing a five-round match as a welcome to the circuit.

Logic, in this case, dictates that Rafael Nadal presumably play the ATP 250 in Brisbane, which would allow him to have a week of rest to test himself on the Rod Laver Arena, and make a smoother transition to the first major tournament of the year.

Nadal is back, but as he has been demonstrating throughout 2023, without any rush or haste.

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