Purple Basketball Defeated by the Power of Ragusa in Intense Serie B Match 2023/2024

The Purple basketball he faced the The power of Ragusa match valid for the eighth day of the championship Interregional Serie B 2023/2024 group H. Coach Cigarini’s team starts well, but pays for the blackout in the third quarter, Ragusa thus advances. The neroarancio never tamed, come back. The end of the match is at a high ballistic level. Both teams were unforgiving during the final minutes of the game. The Pallacanestro Viola’s comeback is successful, but the overtime is marked The power of Ragusawith the sound of triples the Sicilians knock out the guests.


The first basket of the match is from Mavric, Vavoli replies. Tyrtyshnyk scores a triple for +3 neroarancio. Gaetano crushes for -1 for Ragusa. Brown for the Sicilian advantage. Aguzzoli on the coast to coast scores the 6-7 and takes and converts an overtime. Brown at 8-all. Aguzzoli from below for the +2 of the Viola Basketball. Sorrentino with a spin and shot for 10 to 10. He takes a free throw which he misses. Aguzzoli alone penetrates for Reggio Calabria’s advantage. Vavoli for 12 to 12. Cioppa’s triple gives Ragusa a +3. Mavric converts only one of the two free throws available. Tyrtyshnyk on an assist from Maksimovic for the +1 neroarancio. Gaetano makes it two out of two for the Sicilian counter-overtaking. Maksimovic in control for 17 to 18. Brown makes it 20 to 18 for the hosts. Tyrtyshnyk doesn’t stop after three, the score is 20 to 21. Mavric moves well under the board for the +3 of the neroarancio. Sorrentino for 23 all. Tyrtyshnyk responds to Vavoli. Brown for the 27 a 25the first half of the game ends with this result.


Simonetti from below for 27 all, he also takes extra time which is repeated for invasion and makes another mistake. Bald from below, Mavric responds. Tyrtyshnyk from the foul line, converts both free throws. Gaetano suspended for 31 to 31. Simonetti from below for the +2 neroarancio. Gaetano scores the triple at 34 to 33. Mavric for the counter-overtaking by Pallacanestro Viola. Gaetano for 36 to 35, Seck responds. Simon for the Sicilians. Coach Cigarini calls Time Out. Calvi’s triple makes it 41 to 37. Maksimovic makes it 41 to 39. Calvi makes a three for Ragusa. Technical foul on the Viola bench. Cioppa transforms from the foul line. Tyrtyshnyk in reverse for 45 to 41. Gaetano is fouled, makes both free throws, +6 maximum advantage for the Sicilians. Brown suspended for 49 to 41. Mavric in penetration is fouled. Time Out by coach Recupido. Mavric makes it two out of two. We go to the long interval on 49 a 43 for Ragusa.


Several errors per team. Maksimovic responds to Gaetano and converts. Simon for +8. Vavoli for 56 to 46. Mavric for -8. Tyrtyshnyk coast to coast for 56 to 50, Cioppa responds from three. Aguzzoli for the -7 neroarancio. Tyrtyshnyk is fouled during his three-point shot and makes all the shots available to him. Calvi makes it 61 to 55. Gaetano scores and is fouled, but misses the extra time. Gaetano for the +10. Konteh makes his second consecutive error. Coach Cigarini calls Time Out. Calvi reverses for 67 to 55. Excellent game by Ragusa. Viola seems to have died out. Sorrentino scores a triple for +15. Tyrtyshnyk scores and is fouled, converts both free throws. On the 70 a 58 we go to the last part of the game.


Mavric for -10 for Viola Basketball. Tyrtyshnyk’s triple brings the neroarancio closer to Ragusa. Coach Recupido calls Time Out. Assist by Aguzzoli for Tyrtyshnyk. Brown from three, Aguzzoli responds. 73 to 67 the score. Yet another triple for Brown. Brown again for 78 to 67. Gaetano is fouled and converts both free throws. Maksimovic’s triple for -10 neroarancio. Three-pointers make it 83 to 70. Aguzzoli is fouled with 4:52 left. Convert only one of the two free throws available. Maksimovic again from three. Needles from the bezel. He converts both free throws, the score 83 to 76. New mistake on neroarancio possession. After an error by Ragusa, Aguzzoli manages to score with just over two minutes to go. Yet another basket for Aguzzoli. Coach Recupido calls Time Out. Gaetano in reverse for the Sicilian +5. Mavric from underneath for 85 to 82. Incandescent final. Unsportsmanlike in Sorrentino. Simonetti misses the first shot from the line and makes the second shot. Less than a minute to go. Maksimovic’s triple gives Neroarancio the advantage. Simon replies from three. Coach Cigarini calls an immediate time out. Several shot attempts for Viola, Tyrtyshnyk gains the line at 88 to 86. He converts the first, also the second. 88 equal to 10 seconds left. Team Time Out. Nothing to do on the last possession for Ragusa, we go to overtime on the88 a 88.


One mistake per team. Simonetti recovers a rebound and is fouled. He misses the first shot, the second too, the score unchanged at 88 all. Viola also reaches the bonus. Tyrtyshnyk steals the ball for +2, Simon responds for the counter-pass, 91 to 90. Mavric at the siren for 91 to 92. Brown makes a three for 94 to 92. Aguzzoli gains the line, misses the first shot, and the second too. Epifani’s triple is worth +7. Coach Cigarini calls Time Out. The errors from the black-orange line weigh. Tyrtyshnyk scores for -3 with just over a minute to go. Simon scores a triple to make it 100 to 94. Tyrtyshnyk makes it two out of two from the line. Brown’s triple makes it 103 to 96. Mavric is fouled and makes both shots. Simon in penetration for the 105 to 98 (final result)Viola Basketball’s away match ends with a defeat.

The scoreboard

Virtus Ragusa-Viola Reggio Calabria 105-98 d1ts

Virtus Ragusa: Brown 23, Piscetta, Epifani 3, Cioppa 9, Simon 16, Cascone ne, Guccione ne, Vavoli 11, Sorrentino 8, Gaetano 23, Mirabella ne, Calvi 12. All.: Recupido

Viola Reggio Calabria: Aguzzoli 18, Riversata ne, Simonetti 5, Konteh, Maksimovic 16, Mavric 21, Mazza ne, Seck 2, Binelli, Tyrtyshnyk 36, Russo ne. All.: Cigarini

Referees: Loccisano from Cosenza and Caputo from Lamezia Terme

Partials: 27-25; 49-43; 70-58; 88-88.

Note. Out for five fouls: Vavoli, Calvi and Gaetano (Vir), Maksimovic (Vio)

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