Paris 2024 Olympic Games: schedule, prices, disciplines… everything you need to know about the 400,000 new tickets on sale this Thursday

When is the sale held?

Kick-off this Thursday at 10 a.m. You will have to act very quickly to hope to acquire one of the 400,000 tickets put online. Places which, less than a month before Christmas Eve, will make people happy under the tree. As in the previous phase opened in July, there is no prior draw, it is the first come-first served rule which prevails.

How does the sale take place?

These places which have not yet been sold, and which will be added to the 7 million tickets already sold, will all be accessible on the official ticketing website, as in previous sales. Tickets are also on sale on the On Location website, in the form of packages, including a service on site or at the Palais de Tokyo, privatized for the Olympics, and/or hotels. This is the last massive sale of live tickets before a probable implementation of a resale system.

For which disciplines?

According to the organizing committee, in this lot, all disciplines for all sessions will be offered, including in categories that were exhausted. It is possible to obtain places to attend the swimming events at La Défense Arena (6,000 tickets), horse riding at the Château de Versailles (14,000 tickets), tennis at Roland-Garros (24,000 tickets) , athletics at the Stade de France (30,000 tickets), basketball in Lille (37,000 tickets) or even at the Arena Bercy in Paris (7,300 tickets), rugby sevens for all matches at the Stade de France (25,000 tickets) or football at the Parc des Princes (30,000 tickets) and in the six other stadiums. Only surfing is not affected. No tickets are sold for the discipline which will be held on the legendary Tahitian wave of Teahupoo.

You’ll have to be quick…

…to hope to attend judo, breakdancing or even fencing! There will only be 2,000 tickets available for judo and 5,000 for urban sports at the Concorde as well as for fencing at the Grand Palais. Due to limited reception space, the sales volume is restricted for these three disciplines. The number of tickets per person is also limited: the rule of a maximum of 30 tickets per ticketing account is applied as in previous sales.

At what price ?

For 24 euros, it will be possible to see great champions. The first prize includes places to attend the first rounds of the tennis tournament at Roland-Garros with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic or the swimming events during which Florent Manaudou will compete in the 50m freestyle series. There will be just over 100,000 tickets at 50 euros and less, including 70,000 at 24 euros. You will have to pay between 24 and 260 euros for a football match at the Parc des Princes. In other stadiums, the first prize will be 30 euros.

Attending the opening and closing of the Olympic Games is still possible!

Tickets are also on sale for the opening ceremony on the Seine and the closing ceremony at the Stade de France (August 11). For the first, on July 26, the ticket will be 90, 250 or 500 euros depending on the placement. For the second, less unusual, the first price is 45 euros. To be as close as possible to the Saint-Denis lawn, you will have to pay 500 euros, just like to be as close as possible to the Seine. Once you have purchased your tickets, all you have to do is wait until next spring to receive them!


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