Para-cyclist Wahid Rabah on the war

Para-cyclist Wahid Rabah doesn’t want to lose heart. Image: Private

Since his birth, the conflict with Israel has been part of Rabah’s everyday life. His mutilated body reminds him daily of the consequences of the conflict. Rabah doesn’t want to lose heart.

The connection to Gaza is back. On the night of November 4th there were again numerous Israeli rocket strikes. The internet was temporarily switched off. Now the mouthpiece to the outside world is working again – at least for a few hours. Wahid Rabah’s voice speaks on the other end of the line.

She doesn’t seem frightened, angry or desperate, but rather exhausted: “Nobody in Gaza expected that this war would be so cruel and that the death and destruction would be so numerous,” he says. “What is happening here can no longer be described in words.”


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