Panamanian Athletes Shine at Central American and Caribbean School Sports Games in Caracas

The Panamanian representation has had a good performance so far in the IV Central American and Caribbean School Sports Games that are carried out in Caracas Venezuela.

One of the Panamanian athletes who has stood out is the runner Valentina Isabel Ansin who won gold in the 3,000-meter dash race.

In the 3,000-meter dash competition, the panameña Then she finished with a time of 11:10.79, thus surpassing the Colombian Sarah Gómez who finished with a time of 11:40.35 and the Mexican Maria Ramirez which had a time of 11:37.80.

Ansin also returned to the podium in the 1,500-meter dash race when he won bronze in this race.

Another that performed well was Ronaldo Ramos that in the discus competition, he won the bronze medal.

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As well as Carlos Alvarado who won bronze in the javelin throw.

These medals you have won Panama in the Games Central American and Caribbean School Sports Added to those that had already been achieved previously were Laura De León, who in women’s judo won gold in the women’s -44kg and Tobit Vergara, who also won gold in the -55kg, in addition to four more bronze medals in swimming.

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