Pallacanestro Grosseto Secures Home Victory in Men’s Division 2 Championship Week

Home victory for Pallacanestro Grosseto in the week of the men’s Division 2 championship. Coach Manganelli’s boys at PalaAustria beat Olimpia Legnaia 83-73.

The red and whites start with a balanced first quarter and with 25 points on the scoresheet; the second quarter, however, saw some too many uncertainties in defense but fortunately, without damage: the red and whites arrived at the long break with a 44-38 advantage. Upon returning from the locker rooms, Olimpia tries to surprise the home team with all-out pressing, but Franzese and his teammates remain focused and obtain the victory. Barabesi and Tinti in constant growth and the two Conti in excellent form.

Pall. Grosseto: Conti P. 3, Barabesi 10, Franzese 16, Tinti 3, Ciacci, Bambini 11, Terrosi 14, Erman, Conti F. 20, Zucchini 4, Perfetti, Casanova 2.

2023-11-29 15:22:13
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