Nacho Méndez’s “test”: Luanco defines each of his partners and competitors in the center of the field with a quality

Sporting Player Nacho Mendez

Nacho Mendez, one of the great leaders of the red and white project, dared to define with a single word, a quality, each of his midfield teammates at Sporting de Gijón. The Luanco midfielder completed this agile “test” within a round of questions in an extensive interview granted this Wednesday in Mareo to LA NEW ESPAÑA, and where the midfielder expands and talks about everything: his injury, the support of his family , the project, the coaching staff, the demands, the environment… And much more. Tomorrow, Thursday the 30th, the youth player’s talk can be read in its entirety in the digital edition of this newspaper and in print. But for now there is a preview with this exam:

The Nacho Méndez test:

-I’m going to ask you to define each of your teammates in the center of the field with one word… Do you dare?

-Yes Yes. But let me think for a few seconds….

-Come on: Roque Mesa.


-Jonathan Varane






-Nacho Martin


2023-11-29 21:42:14
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