MotoGP Qatar: Di Giannantonio wins over Bagnaia and Marini. 10th Martin. HIGHLIGHTS

Fabio’s dream, and his destiny as an unemployed man. The two sides of the Qatar Grand Prix. The Di Giannatonio’s tearsil relief of Bagnaiathe Marini’s satisfaction: tItalian kings on the podium in Qatarthe Roman ahead of everyone – first victory in MotoGP with the absurd prospect of remaining on foot in 2024 -, after an exhausting chase of the Ducati number one who with second place brings the distance from Martin back to 21 points, stumbled upon a bad evening. The tenth place pushes him back in the standings, after the authoritative victory in the Sprint on Saturday which had halved the gap from the world championship leader. The situation was reversed in twenty-four hours. The Spaniard, emboldened by the success of the day before, returned to the ground on Sunday. Bagnaia’s crown, which was starting to wobble, instead strengthened itself with an almost flawless run.

Bagnaia: “The goal was to win but what luck with Diggia…”

“Tonight I did what I expected yesterday, but the goal was to win”, her words. The start was perfect, in the lead until three laps from the finish line, Bagnaia was unable to shake off the Gresini rider “Crazy victory, second year in MotoGP”), who he slipped it in, triggering Bagnaia’s immediate reaction: Pecco risked crashing into him while braking, being sucked into the Roman’s bike. The champion’s worst moment, which made the Ducati garage jump (and also Di Giannantonio when he saw the sequence on TV with Pecco again, “what, are you crazy…?”), the only flaw in his Grand Prix: “It was traumatic – said the official Ducati rider -, we even touched each other, real luck”.

Martin: “It’s a shame that the World Cup is decided like this”

Behind his back Martin ended up in the overtaking blender, after risking lying down at the start. The Pramac rider immediately lost ground and ended up in the sights of first Vinales, then Quartararo, then Miller, and finally also Bastianini. Only his teammate covered his back (Zarco’s gesture to let him pass was spectacular), while Marquez didn’t sink. Then in interviews the Spaniard sparked a controversy about the tyres: “It’s a shame that the World Cup is dedicated like this“. The showdown is however postponed to the last race in Valencia, next Saturday and Sunday at the Spaniard’s home. Bagnaia is confident: “We are ahead, he will have to take risks and I have already won there in 2021. It will be a good fight.”

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