miraculous but not saved, PSG with its back to the Wall… yellow

Kylian Mbappé, hero for one evening but so clumsy in front of goal… FRANCK FIFE / AFP

DECRYPTION – The draw snatched Tuesday against Newcastle (1-1) allowed PSG to remain master of its destiny in C1, not to reassure itself before facing Dortmund on December 13.

«It’s frustrating, but we’re still here“. The observation is signed by Kylian Mbappé, after the miraculous draw against Newcastle (1-1) on Tuesday in the Champions League. Miraculous, because PSG, trailing in the 24th minute following a handball from Gigio Donnarumma, only equalized in the 98th minute after a “horror film script”, as Luis Enrique pointed out. Miraculous also because this saving penalty from Kylian Mbappé probably should not have existed, even if Mr. Marciniak could have whistled another one before. By losing, Paris would in any case have been in a very uncomfortable situation before the last day and its trip to Dortmund, on December 13, facing the famous Yellow Wall. With this point, everything is still possible. Borussia is already in the 8th. For the rest, the suspense is total. “We could go through as a loser, we could be eliminated by drawing, we would be first by winning… We remain master of our destiny before the last day and that was our objective», assure…

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