Mark Cuban Sells Large Part of Dallas Mavericks Ownership for $3.5 Billion – New Owner Revealed

This comes as a total surprise.

Mark Cuban (65) sells a large part of his shares in the NBA team Dallas Mavericks! For this he will receive around 3.5 billion dollars, US media reports.

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Those: Sky Sports News 28.11.2023

The new owner is to be the Israeli-American doctor Miriam Adelson (78). Her late husband Sheldon Adelson (87) earned huge amounts of money from casinos. After his death, she inherited the fortune, which is estimated at $38.2 billion.

However, Cuban should continue to carry out administrative tasks with the Mavericks. The multi-billionaire bought the team 23 years ago for $285 million. In 2005 he sold 15 percent to other partners.

Miriam Adelson is set to become the new owner of the Mavericks


“I didn’t really know anything about basketball and had no connections. I always learned things while I was dealing with them. “I taught myself what I didn’t know,” he once said, looking back on the purchase of the Mavs.

Selling was never really an issue for him. “I think I’ll live at least 40 more years. I see no reason to sell,” he said two years ago.

It was only announced on Monday that the businessman was leaving the successful US format “Shark Thank”, the original American version of “Lion’s Den”, after 16 seasons. So now the next Cuban hammer.

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The 65-year-old made his money by selling his company in 1999. Yahoo bought the platform for showing games and events on the Internet for $5.9 billion.

After the purchase, he turned the rather dismal Mavericks into a championship team. In the 90s, the Mavs were a gray mouse and never made the playoffs once. Led by our basketball hero Dirk Nowitzki (now 45), a star rose in Dallas. In 2011, the Mavs surprisingly won the title. Cuban then spent almost $90,000 on a bottle of champagne at a club – and left a $20,000 tip on top.

It is possible that Cuban now wants to go into politics. In the past he had announced several times that he wanted to run against ex-President Donald Trump (77). But his family always vetoed it.

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