Manos Locas, prominent Mexican pelota player, passed away

Adriana Diaz Reyes

La Jornada Newspaper
Wednesday, November 29, 2023, p. a10

A reference for Basque pelota in the 90s and early 21st century, Javier Marín, the Crazy Hands, died on Monday at the age of 57 due to lung failure. The prodigal son of San Juan Ixtayopan hit his last ball and with it left an enormous legacy to the discipline that includes three world runners-up (1994, 2002, 2006), as well as three Pan American titles.

The pelotari was, along with Fernando Medina, The Momoan export talent from the Tláhuac delegation, cradle of some of the best frontenistas in the country.

His matches against the best in the world represented a spectacle due to the precision and strength of his blows. Not in vain did he nickname her. Marín became a figure to follow in his native San Juan, where the medalists Carlos Vallejo also emerged. The Mummy, and Matías Jiménez, among others. His beginnings in baseball occurred when he was a child when he accompanied his parents and uncles to the fronton. On a 30-meter court and with the Spanish players as his role models, Marín began his love affair with the discipline.

Crazy Hands He practiced the three-wall pediment to gain strength and the ratchet for speed. He soon began to stand out on an international scale and participate in World Championships and Pan American Games.

I remember a lot that my mentality was to win every game and, if they were going to defeat me, at least it would take a lot of work. I didn’t like losing and even less if the games were at home and in front of my fans, he said in an interview.

His slim figure forced him to develop a perfect bowling stroke that helped him counteract the height and weight of his opponents. I had to find a way to win without being beaten because of height or weight, Basque pelota helped me think intelligently.

In the last years of his life, Javier Marín dedicated himself to teaching in his native Ixtayopan. His influence was such that hundreds of students and former classmates expressed their condolences to his family. Among his main achievements as an instructor are a silver medal in World Cups. One of his outstanding goals was the formation of Basque pelota schools in Tláhuac, a goal that he set for himself since he began his coaching career.

In one of his last talks with the media, crazy hands He expressed his confidence in the development of the discipline in the country. The Mexican pelota player can go wherever he wants as long as he is committed and has a strong mentality. We have honor and gallantry and that is the most important thing.

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