Liza Poulin’s Mid-Term Record: Promises Made and Kept

Liza Poulin, the mayor of Blainville, likes to repeat to anyone who will listen that she is proud of her mid-term record, which shows a rate of electoral commitments kept at 59%.

Gathered with members of her Le Vrai Blainville party as part of a mid-term rally, Ms. Poulin took the opportunity to draw up her overall positive assessment, especially with the program proposed in 2021 which was, according to her, , ” ambitious “.

Door to door

Over the past few weeks, Ms. Poulin and the members of the Vrai Blainville team have carried out a door-to-door operation in the city’s 12 districts in order to discuss with the population on the issues facing the municipality and validate their satisfaction with their work.

Promises and commitments

During her electoral campaign, Ms. Poulin had promised: a citizen participation platform, a participatory budget, free swimming lessons for children under 3 years old, library late fees abolished, a reading box at Dubreuil Park, ecocenter open on Fridays in low season, the Blainville municipal bulletin in color in digital format, rest areas on the cycle paths, a winter area at the equestrian park with permanent services, walking and running trails on the interactive map of the city and a Midget level baseball field.

On the list of major actions, let us note: the registration of 140.6 hectares of natural environments in the Metropolitan Directory of Conservation Initiatives of the CMM, the creation of the commission on inclusiveness and accessibility, membership in the UNESCO Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities, enhancement of the action plan for people living with disabilities, an enhanced financial assistance program for businesses (PAFE).

Among the major projects, we find the Ecological Transition Plan, the Special Urban Planning Plan (PPU) for Boulevard du Curé Labelle and the Municipal Social Development Policy.

Two more years

“There are still two years left in our mandate and we intend to achieve the 100% objective,” concluded Mayor Poulin.

2023-11-29 16:11:19
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