LIVE MotoGP, Qatar GP 2023 LIVE: Marini on pole, Bagnaia ahead of Martin. Marquez ashamed




2.29pm The challenge between Bagnaia and Martin will heat up again: stay with us to follow every curve. Greetings from us and appointment at 6.00 pm for the Sprint Race.

2.27pm Marc Marquez’s behavior is shameful, it cannot be defined otherwise. He followed Bagnaia like a leech. The Spaniard has a craving for protagonism, he loves being at the center of attention and putting a spanner in the works of those fighting for the World Championship. We repeat: shameful.

2.25pm ​​Second pole in MotoGP for Marini after the one obtained this year in Indonesia.

2.24pm These are the times for Q2:

1 10 L.Marini 1:51.762

2 49 F.Di Giannantonio +0.067

3 73 A.Marquez +0.136

4 1 F.Bagnaia +0.274

5 89 J.Martin +0.296

6 5 J.Zarco +0.339

7 93 M.Marquez +0.341

8 12 M.Viñales +0.413

9 25 R. Fernandez +0.586

10 41 A.Espargaro +0.704

14.22 Bagnaia and Martin made their mark again, fourth and fifth respectively with 22 thousandths of a second. They will start alongside both in the Sprint Race and in tomorrow’s race.


2.20pm Martin takes fifth place, 22 thousandths behind Bagnaia.

14.19 Alex Marquez is second, 69 thousandths behind Di Giannantonio, placing himself ahead of Bagnaia.

2.18pm Martin launches and is faster than Di Giannantonio in the first sector.

2.17pm WHAT A TOUR OF THE DIGGIA! 1:51.829, Bagnaia moves into second place by two tenths, then Marc Marquez third.

2.17pm Di Giannantonio is doing another super lap, Bagnaia and Martin are slower.

2.16pm Marc Marquez as usual stamped at Bagnaia’s wheel.

2.15pm Martin now leaves the pits.

2.14pm Bagnaia returns to the track, while Jorge Martin is still in the pits.

14.12 These are the times recorded so far:

1 49 F.Di Giannantonio 1:52.188

14.11 Martin climbs to third position just behind Marini and Di Giannantonio, Bagnaia is fifth.

14.10 Bagnaia has too high a time to remain in the second row: he will have to do better in the second run.

14.09 Bagnaia is fourth, but Martin is making a great lap.

14.08 By Giannantonio! 1:52.188, a tenth and a half over Marini.

14.06 Everyone on track immediately except Alex Marquez.

14.05 GREEN LIGHT! Off to Q2.

14.04 Fundamental qualification for Bagnaia and Martin who made their mark in the pre-qualifying yesterday: now we will have to go out into the open.

14.01 These are the riders who will compete for pole: Fernandez, Di Giannantonio, Vinales, Binder, Aleix Espargarò, Marini, Martin, Bagnaia, Fernandez, Marc and Alex Marquez, Zarco.

13.58 A joke also for Fabio Quartararo who seemed to have set a Q2 time together with Alex Marquez and instead was overtaken by Zarco.

1.56pm Zarco’s time was truly great; 1;52.382 which earned him the track record. Bezzecchi finishes third, while Bastianini paid for Lecuona’s impediment.

1.55pm Bezzecchi third! 122 thousandths from Zarco. Bastianini was very unlucky as he found Lecuona on the trajectory which was going very slowly.

1.54pm Noooo! Enea Bastianini slowed down while she was doing the time attack! Watch out for Bezzecchi’s time.

1.53pm Johann Zarco! 1:52.382, the Frenchman takes the lead again!

1.52pm Alex Marquez in the lead! 1:52.437, with Fabio Quartararo at 87 thousandths.

1.51pm Alex Marquez and Fabio Quartararo are making a huge improvement: more than four tenths over Zarco’s time.

1.50pm The last to enter the track for the last attempt are Enea Bastianini and Marco Bezzecchi.

1.48pm The first to return to the track are Miller, Alex Marquez, Quartararo, Oliveira, Lecuona and Pol Espargarò.

1.47pm The first attempt ends: everyone returns to the pits and then delivers the final blow.

1.46pm Enea Bastianini remains in fourth position, 331 thousandths behind Zarco.

1.45pm Nakagami falls and ruins the laps of Bezzecchi and Quartararo who will have to relaunch.

1.44pm Franco Morbidelli was also very good: second at 138 thousandths from Johann Zarco’s 1:53.069.

1.43pm Jack Miller ends the first lap in the lead: 1:53.324, ahead of Alex Marquez by almost a tenth.

13.42 Enea Bastianini also seemed to be improving in the final laps of FP2: after the splendid victory in Malaysia, he will also try to achieve a good result in Qatar.

1.39pm Among those who will have to try to get into Q2 is Marco Bezzecchi, but the competition will be maximum, with Fabio Quartararo, Alex Marquez and Jack Miller present.

1.36pm The time for Q1 is approaching in which Bagnaia and Martin will not be there, who have already secured the pass for Q2 yesterday by entering the top 10.

1.33pm FP2 is archived. The fastest time was recorded by Fabio Quartararo, who recorded a time of 1:53.531, ahead of Jorge Martin, second at +0.073, and Aleix Espargar, third. Followed by Di Giannantonio, Morbidelli, Oliveira, Zarco and Vinales and Alex Marquez. Tenth time for Francesco Bagnaia


-1 minute: tenth time for Bagnaia who marks a gap of +0.569 compared to Quartararo.

-1 minute: Fabio Quartararo scores the best time! 1:53.531 for the Frenchman who precedes Espargarò and Jorge Martin, who jumped ahead with a time of 1:53.604

-3 minutes: also hard for Bagnaia both front and rear. We remind you that the Sprint will take place in the evening, with the lowest temperatures. Difficult to take references in these conditions

-4 minutes: Martin goes wide again at turn 16, to be re-evaluated in the next laps. Pecco Bagnaia returns

-5 minutes: last five minutes. Espargarò is still in the lead with 1:53.604 ahead of Quartararo (+0.047) and Fabio di Giannantonio (+0.053)

-7 minutes: Martin returns with hard tires both front and rear. Search for answers in Spanish.

-8 minutes: the riders begin to return, Fabio Di Giannantonio’s yellow helmet in the first two sectors

-10 minutes: Bagnaia also returns. Martin insists on the soft rear, this could be the choice for the Sprint but it could be a risk

-12 minutes: almost all the drivers return to the pits, Bagnaia remains among the few

-13 minutes: Aleix Espargarò is now in the lead! The Aprilia rider clocked 1:53.604, thus preceding Quartararo (+0.047) and Morbidelli (+0.272). Martin and Bagnaia are being studied, ninth and tenth respectively

-16 minutes: Martin remains a little hidden and is currently lapping in 1:54.235, occupying ninth place

-17 minutes: some problems for Bagnaia’s bike, the rider works to get back on track quickly

-18 minutes: meanwhile Quartararo travels in 1:53.864, follows Oliveira at +00.35, then Fabio Di Giannantonio at +0.174

-20 minutes: Tense stories between Morbidelli and Aleix Espargarò on the track, with the latter also having an awkward reaction by slapping his opponent’s helmet! Very bad gesture!

-21 minutes: still sliding on the track, sand on the track. Alex Marquez falls while Di Giannantonio scores a red helmet in the first sector

-22 minutes: Quartararo did well again, best time for him with 1:53.993

-24 minutes: Raul Fernandez confirms his excellent form by scoring 1:54.637, followed by Di Giannantonio at +0.129, then Alex Espargar at +0.773

-26 minutes: the first times arrive, Quartararo in good form clocking 1:55.227, but Martin is wearing a red helmet in all sectors

-28 minutes: Bagnaia immediately in with Hard tires on both the rear and front, Martin Hard on the front, soft on the rear


12.58 Two minutes and the green light will go off, to understand how Bagnaia and Martin will behave

12.55 Moto2 FP3 has just ended, everything is almost ready for the start of MotoGP FP2!

12.52 Also, be careful not to underestimate the real outsider of this weekend: it is a stoic Fabio Di Giannantonio, who appeared in good shape despite a situation that was not easy to manage: the driver still has to understand what his future will be

12.50 Less and less to go! Only ten minutes and it will be FP2!

12.48 We know it by heart by now, but let’s review the situation at the top of the drivers’ standings with four races still remaining, including sprints and long races, at the end of the Championship:

Francesco Bagnaia 412 Jorge Martin 398

12.45pm Where were we? Bagnaia finished pre-qualifying in eighth place immediately behind (by 7 thousandths) his direct rival Jorge Martin, thus avoiding Q1 and appearing directly in Q2. However, watch out for other teams motivated to put a spanner in the works of the two contenders for the title fight such as Aprilia and Brad Binder’s KTM.

12.40 The Moto 2 FP3 is currently taking place, while the Moto3 one has already been archived, with Deniz Oncu confirming his form on this circuit. Here is our news

Moto3, Deniz Oncu the best of FP3 in Lusail. 6th Romano Fenati, the best of the Italians

12.38 Let’s quickly take a look at the weather. At the moment it is 27 degrees on the Lusail track, with the asphalt temperature hovering around 38 degrees and 58% humidity. The wind was almost absent, just 2 km/h

12.34 It will be a very important session as always, as it will allow the riders to make the final touches in view

12.31 Good morning OA Sport friends! Just under thirty minutes left until the start of FP2

Presentation of qualifications and SprintToday’s program on TV and streaming

Good morning friends of OA Sport and welcome to the LIVE LIVE on Saturday from Lusailin which the second free practice session will be held, qualifying and the Sprint Race of the 2023 Qatar Grand Prix, valid as the penultimate seasonal chapter of the MotoGP World Championship. The challenge for the title between Francesco Bagnaia and Jorge Martin comes to life, divided by just 14 points in favor of the blue.

Pecco is the overall leader with a 14-point advantage over Martinator, but both struggled a bit in yesterday’s free practice and will be called upon to make a good step forward today on the flying lap and above all on the long distance, taking into consideration the problems of the tires due to the lack of grip and the high temperatures of the Qatari evening.

The Piedmontese from the official Ducati team finished pre-qualifying in eighth place immediately behind (by 7 thousandths) his Spanish rival, thus avoiding Q1 and appearing directly in Q2 with the ambition of gaining a place in the first two rows on the grid for the Sprint and the Grand Prix. In the midst of the duel between Bagnaia and Martin, several other protagonists of the Lusail weekend could be inserted such as the Aprilias, Brad Binder’s KTM and Fabio Di Giannantonio’s Ducati.

It starts at 1.00 pm Italian time with FP2, while qualifying will start at 1.40 pm with Q1 and will continue with Q2 around 2.05 pm. The start of the Sprint Race is scheduled for 6pm. OA Sport offers you LIVE textual LIVE integral of all sessions with constant updates in real time: have fun!

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