Lebron James’ Controversial Moment: Technical Foul for Flopping in Clash with Isaiah Stewart

He dropped in action with Isaiah Stewart and was called for a technical for flopping.

Lebron James starred in one of the images of the night in the NBA… for the worse. In a game that the Lakers had control against the Pistons, Lebron, who had unfinished business with Isaiah Stewart, was revealed after an action with his rival.

In a Stewart penetration, The Lakers star fell and the referees caught him. Flopping and a technical foul to sanction a Lebron who was left frustrated after an action so unusual for him.

Past quarrels

Two years ago, in a game between the Pistons and the Lakers, the fight for a rebound ended with LeBron releasing his right arm and hitting Stewart in the face, who soon began to bleed from his right eyebrow. The young Pistons player had to be held down by all of his teammates when he tried to run after LeBron James. In fact, Stewart tried on several occasions and even had a tough time with Pistons employees who tried to stop him from trying to fight LeBron.

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