Latvian Ice Hockey Federation’s Logo Approved for 2024 Women’s World Championship

The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) has approved the logo submitted by the Latvian Ice Hockey Federation (LHF) for the 2024 Women’s World Championship, First Division Group B.

The women’s first division group B championship will take place in Riga from March 31 to April 6. In addition to the host country Latvia, Slovakia, Great Britain, Slovenia, Italy and Poland will also participate in this tournament.

Dynamic movement and action are visually accentuated on the new World Championship Division One Group B tournament logo. The logo is designed with Nordic color tones, as well as with the presence of national identity.

“I would like to thank the LHF for the opportunity to be involved in a high-quality tournament. I am pleased to be able to capture my enthusiasm and excitement for hockey in this way. I am glad that, especially in recent years, women’s hockey has gained much wider interest, so creating this tournament logo seems even more exciting. I’ve always really enjoyed the initial sketching stage, when I capture ideas only in quick sketches. Already then I was fascinated by a large number of different variations, and I am really happy that the final result is exactly this variant. Each tournament of this scale is its own hockey celebration for the city and for all those interested in this sport,” said logo author and artist Jānis Burmeisters.

“We have started an active process of organizing the world championship. At the moment, our list of works is quite large, but we have been very successful in coming up with the logo and identity of the tournament. Many thanks to all involved parties who helped to realize this logo. I am looking forward to the start of the World Championship,” said LHF General Secretary Roberts Plūjejs.

The championship of the first B division is the third strongest championship after the top division and the first A division.

The Women’s World Championship First Division Group B calendar will be announced in the near future.

The Latvian women’s hockey team led by Finnish specialist Hannu Saintulas triumphed in Group A of the second division of the World Championship in Mexico City, Mexico in April. Our girls won all five games.

Since 2022/2023 The experienced women’s hockey specialist Hannu Saintula from Finland has taken over the leadership of the women’s hockey team for the 2018 season. For most of his coaching career, Saintula worked as the head coach of the Finnish women’s national team, where he became a four-time world championship bronze medalist! Also, the 65-year-old Saintula has managed the Chinese women’s national team and the teams of the Finnish top league – “Espoo Blues” and “Kiekko-Espoo”.


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